The Getty Family Net Worth 2022, Who is the Richest Getty as of 2022

The Getty Grandchildren

His children are; John Paul Getty Jr., Gordon Getty, George Franklin Getty II, Timothy Getty, J. Ronald Getty, Gordon Peter Getty

Paul’s grandchildren are;  John Paul Getty III via John Paul Getty Jr., John Gilbert Getty via Gordon Getty, Nicolette Getty via Gordon Getty, Andrew Getty via Gordon Getty, Mark Getty via John Paul Getty Jr., Ariadne Getty via John Paul Getty Jr., Aileen Getty via John Paul Getty Jr., Tara Gabriel Galaxy Gramophone Getty via John Paul Getty Jr., William Paul Getty via Gordon Getty, Kendalle Getty via Gordon Getty, Alexandra Getty via Gordon Getty, Christopher Getty via J. Ronald Getty and Gordon Peter Getty, Jr. via Gordon Getty.

Who is the Richest Getty as of 2022, Getty family net worth 2022

Mark Getty Net Worth

Who is the wealthiest Getty? J. Paul’s grandson Mark Getty is the richest Getty alive, he has a net worth of $3 billion as of 2021, Mark managed to consolidate the stock photography business through Getty Images, which was eventually sold to private equity firm Hellman & Friedman in 2008 for $2.4 billion; he remains the chairman of Getty Images.

After establishing his business in the United States and signing an amazing oil deal with Saudi Arabia in the 1960s and 1970s, wildcatter J. Paul Getty became the world’s richest man.

Getty, who was known for being a womanizer, married five times and had five children. The second wife of his son J. Paul Getty Jr. died of a heroin overdose, and his son was kidnapped by Italian thugs.

The boy’s miserly grandfather only coughed up the ransom money after they hacked off his ear, which he gave to his son with interest.

Getty bequeathed the majority of his assets to the Getty Museum when he died in 1976, but his children got billions through a trust with Getty Oil interests, which was later broken up when son Gordon Getty arranged the sale of Getty Oil to Texaco in the late 1980s. They’ve tried to keep a low profile since then.

In March 2015, tragedy struck again for the Getty family when one of Gordon Getty’s sons, Andrew Rork, was found dead in his Beverly Hills residence; despite initial suspicions, investigators said his death was due to medical concerns and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Ivy Getty Net Worth

Ivy Getty is estimated to be worth $0.5 billion as of 2021. She has gotten most of her wealth from inheritance.

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