Ivy Getty Net Worth 2022 and Husband, Father and Family

Ivy Getty Net Worth

Ivy Getty is estimated to be worth $0.5 billion as of 2022. She has gotten most of her wealth from inheritance.

Ivy Getty Occupation and Family

Ivy's Photo
Ivy’s Photo

Getty is an American artist and model. She is the great-granddaughter of John Paul Getty, a British petroleum industrialist born in the United States who co-founded the Getty Oil Company with his father, George Getty, in 1942.

In 2015, the Getty family was worth an estimated $5billion, according to Forbes, and was ranked No. 56 on their list of America’s Richest Families before dropping off the following year.

According to Forbes, the Getty family was worth $5 billion in 2015 and rated No. 56 on their list of America’s Richest Families before sliding off the following year.

Ivy Getty Father

Ivy is the daughter of John Gilbert Getty, the heir to the Getty Oil fortune, who is due to inherit it.

Ivy’s father, on the other hand, died on November 20, 2020, at the age of 52, from cardiomyopathy and chronic obstructive lung disease, both of which were induced by an accidental drug overdose.

“John is survived by his daughter Ivy, whom he adored, and his brothers Peter and Billy. Andrew, John’s brother, died before him. Ann Gilbert Getty, John’s mother, died in September “In a statement to People at the time, Gordon Getty said.

“John was a gifted musician who was a huge fan of rock & roll. He will be missed greatly.”

Following his death, Ivy sent a heartfelt tribute to her father on Instagram.

She commented with photos of them, “I will forever be the proudest daughter.”

“I adore you, Dad….life can be cruel at times…. Here are some of my favorite images of him (and selfishly a couple of us) now that I have not one, but two guardian angels watching over me.”

Ivy Getty Husband

Ivy married photographer Tobias Engel in a star-studded San Francisco wedding almost a year after her father died.

Anya Taylor-Joy, the bride’s maid of honor, was joined at the alter by her rescue dog Blue, who served as the ring-bearer, Nancy Pelosi, who officiated the ceremony, and Nancy Pelosi, who officiated the ceremony.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, Vanessa Getty, Princess Olympia of Greece, Wes Gordon, Mimi Wade, Fletcher Cowan, and filmmaker Christian Coppola were among the other noteworthy visitors.

Tobias is a photographer, aspiring film director, and tech entrepreneur.

The couple met through a family member before running into each other again at a Paris Fashion Week event.

“I noticed this attractive guy taking pictures of the event and of me.” I instinctively approached and we began to converse. We quickly recognized that we had met the previous year “Vogue recalled Ivy.

Ivy disclosed that the proposal took place on their spring break trip to Capri in 2020 when asked about it.

“Normally, I choose where we eat out, but Toby insisted on choosing this time.” This didn’t set off any alarm bells, but when I arrived at the restaurant, I thought to myself, ‘Oh, he really planned this,’ “She told the news organization.

Her now-husband then presented her with a ring that was inspired by Princess Diana’s engagement ring and had sapphires and ten diamonds.

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