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Tanya o’rourke  Biography

Tanya O’Rourke is a well known American journalist born in the United States. She has worked as a news reporter for Cincinnati’s WCPO-TV since July 1992, receiving both an Emmy and a Murrow Award. She previously worked for WBIR-TV and WATE-TV reporting news .

She has covered a lot of articles about social issues. O’Rourke also stumbled upon a fresh method of weight loss known as fat freezing.

Tanya o’rourke  Net Worth

O’Rourke has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. She has acquired a great fortune from her career as a  journalist yet she likes to live a humble lifestyle. This includes her property, funds and earnings. Her job career is her main source of income.

Tanya o’rourke Salary

O’Rourke receives a respectable wage from her job as a journalist. She receives an average annual salary of $50 thousand  which  translates to a monthly average wage of $4,166.

Year 2023 2024
Tanya O’Rourke Salary $50 thousand $60 thousand
Tanya O’Rourke Net Worth $500 thousand  $550 thousand

Tanya o’rourke  Age

O’Rourke was born on 7th July 1969 in Cincinnati, the United States of America. Her zodiac sign is Cancer. As of 2023 she is 53 years old.

Tanya o’rourke Height, Weight & Body Measurement

O’Rourke stands proudly at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters or 165 centimeters), she exhibits an exquisite balance in her physique. Weighing approximately 55 kg (121 lbs), her body measurements are an enviable.

She has kept up a lovely physical shape that is currently visible on websites all over the internet. However, neither her physical characteristics nor shoe size are known.

Tanya o’rourke Parents

O’Rourke is a devoted member of her family and was close to her mother, who passed away 16 years ago. However, her mother’s dream of becoming a donor was not realized. Instead, her compassionate daughter O’Rourke fulfilled her late mother’s wish by giving a kidney. She even used her moving story on WCPO-TV to persuade viewers that organ donation is crucial.

On September 30, 2011, O’Rourke donated her kidney to The Christ Hospital Health Network.
She posted a photo of herself and her sister on Facebook in January 2017 and explained that the image was taken during a month-long trip through Asia that included sightseeing in Hong Kong and Tokyo as well as spending a few weeks with her family in the Philippines, where her mother was raised.

Tanya o’rourke Husband

O’Rourke is a happily married woman values her privacy deeply when it comes to her personal life. She has chosen to keep her personal relationships, including the identity of her husband, shielded from the public eye.

Tanaya and her husband share a loving family, which includes their son, Quinn. Quinn, the pride and joy of their lives, achieved a significant milestone by graduating from high school in April 2016. This momentous occasion marked a transition into a new chapter of his life and a testament to the hard work and dedication he put into his education.

As parents, Tanaya and her husband undoubtedly played a crucial role in nurturing and guiding Quinn throughout his educational journey. They provided him with the support and encouragement he needed to excel academically, instilling in him the values of diligence and a thirst for knowledge.

Tanya o’rourke Education

O’Rourke graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from two prestigious institutions. The University of Tennessee and the University of Cincinnati. These academic achievements reflect her dedication to pursuing a well-rounded education and her commitment to intellectual growth.

At the University of Tennessee, O’Rourke honed her academic skills and broadened her horizons by engaging in a diverse range of courses and experiences. This formative period allowed her to develop a strong foundation in the arts, which would later prove to be a valuable asset in his future endeavors.

Continuing her educational journey, O’Rourke pursued further knowledge at the University of Cincinnati, where she deepened her understanding of the arts and expanded her intellectual horizons. This institution provided him with the opportunity to explore her passions and enhance her critical thinking abilities.

Tanya o’rourke Career

O’Rourke is a well-known journalist and a multiple Emmy Award winner. Tanya has been employed by WCPO-TV since July 1992, but after Clyde Gray retired in 2014, she started co-anchoring the 11 o’clock news with Carol Williams.

She previously worked as a reporter/anchor at WBIR-TV and WATE-TV before joining WCPO. Tanya has been presenting numerous news reports and conducting research on significant social issues. She even looked into the freezing of fat, a novel weight loss technique.

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