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Molette Green Net Worth 2023, Salary NBC 4 News, Husband, Age

Molette Green Bio

Molette Green is a highly respected American journalist known for her significant contributions to the news industry. Currently, she anchors the weekend editions of News4 Today while also covering compelling stories In the Community throughout the week.

With her extensive experience and unwavering dedication, Green has become a prominent figure in Washington, D.C., news.

In the Community: Showcasing the Local Impact

Molette Green’s mornings are dedicated to shedding light on the remarkable efforts of individuals and organizations across the Washington area.

Through her coverage, she highlights the inspiring work being done within the community, showcasing stories that resonate with viewers and uplift the local spirit.

Green’s commitment to sharing these narratives reflects her belief in the power of community engagement and her desire to give a voice to those making a positive impact.

A Quarter-Century of Local News Coverage

Molette Green’s connection to her hometown runs deep, as she has been reporting news in Washington, D.C., for over 25 years. Her unwavering commitment to delivering accurate and impactful journalism has earned her recognition, including an EMMY Award for her outstanding contributions to NBC4’s newscasts.

Prior to her current role, Green anchored the morning news on Newschannel 8 for a remarkable eight years. She also briefly worked at WTTG-TV and had a valuable stint in COX Media Group’s Washington Bureau.

Additionally, Green shared her expertise on WHUR Radio, delivering morning and evening newscasts and contributing to the popular program Talk Around Town.

Moreover, she produced and hosted programs on Howard University’s WHUT, further expanding her reach and influence.

Education and Early Career

Molette Green’s journey in journalism started after her education in the D.C. Public Schools system and her graduation from Howard University. After completing her studies, she ventured outside her hometown to anchor news in Mississippi for a few years.

However, her deep connection to Washington drew her back, as she returned to the city to start her family and continue her impactful career.

Recognitions and Honors

Throughout her illustrious career, Molette Green has received numerous accolades for her exceptional contributions to journalism.

She has been honored by the Associated Press for her outstanding work, showcasing her journalistic integrity and dedication to delivering informative news to the community.

Additionally, Green has been recognized through Washington’s Salute to Professional African American Women, further cementing her status as a trailblazer and role model in her field.

Personal Life and Residences

Molette Green resides in Prince George’s County with her loving husband and two children. Her commitment to family and community extends beyond her professional endeavors, as she cherishes the moments spent with her loved ones while continuing to make a difference in the lives of others through her journalism.

In conclusion, Molette Green is a devoted journalist whose unwavering commitment to community coverage has left an indelible mark on the Washington, D.C., news landscape.

Through her anchoring and storytelling skills, she brings attention to the remarkable efforts of local individuals and organizations. With an extensive career spanning over a quarter-century, Green’s dedication to her hometown has garnered recognition, including an EMMY Award.

Her contributions across various media platforms, such as radio and television, demonstrate her versatility and passion for journalism. Molette Green’s commitment to accurate reporting, coupled with her honors and recognitions, solidifies her position as an influential figure in the news industry.

Living in Prince George’s County with her family, she embodies the values of community and family, both personally and professionally.

Molette Green Salary

Molette Green’s salary is $107 thousand per year and gets a monthly salary of $8,870, she is an American journalist working as an anchor for the weekend editions of News4 Today while also covering compelling stories In the Community throughout the week.

Year 2023 2024
Molette Green Salary $107 thousand $110 thousand
Molette Green Net Worth $0.8 million $1.1 million

Molette Green Net Worth 2023

Molette Green is estimated to have a net worth of $0.8 million dollars at present. She has accumulated her net worth with the versatility she has shown in each field she has worked in. Her main source of earnings is her writing and journalism career. As she progresses in her career, her net worth is projected to rise.

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