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Former KTLA Co-Anchor Mark Mester Lands New Job: Lynette Romero Provides Exciting Update

Lynette Romero Shares Update on Former KTLA Co-Anchor Mark Mester: ‘I’m Respecting Him’

Mark Mester, the former co-anchor of KTLA, made headlines in 2023 when he openly criticized his news station’s handling of his friend and former co-anchor, Lynette Romero‘s departure.

On September 17, during a live broadcast, Mester took an unexpected detour from the script to express his disappointment with the station’s treatment of Romero.

Romero, however, assured her concerned fans that she was doing fine. On October 7, she connected with her followers through a Facebook Live session, where she shared updates about her new job at KNBC in Los Angeles and addressed inquiries about Mester’s well-being.

While refraining from divulging details, Romero emphasized the importance of privacy and mutual respect between her and Mester. She assured everyone that they were in regular contact and hinted at discussing their respective situations in the future.

During the Facebook Live session, Romero graciously took her fans on a tour of her new workspace, expressing both excitement and nervousness about her upcoming role as an anchor for “Today in LA” starting on October 10.

Determined to excel in her new position, she admitted her desire to avoid any mistakes and acknowledged the responsibility she felt towards her audience.

The decision for Romero to leave KTLA was announced by the station on September 14, marking the end of her more than two-decade tenure.

This news prompted Mester to address the situation on September 17 during a monologue on air. Departing from the prepared script, he offered a heartfelt apology to viewers for the station’s treatment of Romero, describing it as rude, cruel, and inappropriate.

Mester, who considered Romero his closest friend, expressed his love and support for her, stating that she did not deserve the mistreatment she experienced.

Shortly after these events, on September 23, Nexstar Media Group Inc., the parent company of KTLA, released a statement confirming that Mark Mester was no longer employed by the station.

Declining to provide further details due to the nature of the personnel matter, the company left Mester’s departure open to speculation and discussion.

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