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Venezuelan mother gives birth at border to American baby

The family traveled from Venezuela to Denver while expecting a child. She was born as they were crossing the border between the United States and Mexico.

Credit: 9NEWS
Credit: 9NEWS

DENVER, Colo. — One pregnant mother traveled over 3,000 miles from Venezuela to the United States.

Keilymar traveled for three months with her husband, two children, and unborn child.

“We traveled through Peru and Ecuador. We arrived in Colombia. We arrived in the jungle between Panama and Colombia after that. einsteineruploading up to get together with “She stated.

Much of the journey was done on foot, crossing the Darién Gap into Central America. Many consider it one of the most difficult areas to travel through on the journey.

“I was more afraid of losing her than anything else when we went through the jungle,” Keilymar said of her newborn daughter Khaylani.

They got through the jungle and then Mexico. They finally crossed the border between the United States and Mexico in December.

“We arrived in Juarez on the 19th of December,” Keilymar explained. “It was difficult because I was already having contractions from her when I arrived. That’s why I couldn’t take it anymore when I turned myself in, and she was born in immigration.”

Keilymar gave birth outside of immigration, close to the border wall.

“It is a miracle after everything that has happened,” Keilymar said. “They sent me to the hospital, while my husband stayed in immigration with the two children. They were held there for a day before being released with the children.”

Her newborn daughter is a U.S. citizen. Keilymar made sure she had her youngest daughter’s social security card and birth certificate before they left El Paso.

“It’s good, but it’s also bad,” Keilymar said of her daughter’s citizenship. “I’m concerned at times because they said she’d stay if I was deported. That is my greatest fear.”

She had no intention of having her daughter in America, but the timing worked out.

“Yes, it was a long journey, but thank God, she was born healthy. She was born in good health “According to Keilymar.

To keep their family together, they are now looking for an asylum lawyer.

“Yes, I am concerned about this. Like I said about my daughter, I do not want to be separated from her, “According to Keilymar.

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