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Angel Reese’s Impressive Net Worth in 2023: How Much Has She Earned?

Angel Reese, a guard for LSU women’s basketball team, has become a sensation on and off the court. Her outstanding performance and strong personality have made her a popular figure among college basketball fans.

Reese has already gained a massive following, with even legendary players such as Shaquille O’Neal praising her talents. But what is Angel Reese’s net worth in 2023, and how much has she earned from her endorsement deals?

Angel Reese’s Early Success and Celebrity Status

Born on May 6, 2002, Angel Reese is just 20 years old but has already achieved remarkable success in college basketball. Her incredible skills on the court have propelled her to stardom, making her a household name in the sports industry.

With her impressive achievements, Reese has attracted numerous fans, earning her the nickname “Bayou Barbie.” Her popularity has only increased following LSU’s historic win in the 2023 NCAA women’s championship.

Angel Reese’s Net Worth in 2023

As of 2023, Angel Reese’s estimated net worth is around $1 million and continues to grow. She has secured numerous endorsement deals with top brands such as Amazon, Xfinity, McDonald’s, Coach, and many more. Her name, image, and likeness (NIL) deals have earned her a considerable amount of wealth, with projected earnings of around $876,000 after her March Madness victory.

Angel Reese’s NIL Deals and Growing Brand

Reese’s impressive earning potential is a result of her hard work on and off the court. With 17 NIL partnerships, she is now recognized as more than just a student-athlete or a marketable women’s basketball player.

Her marketability is not limited to one-time deals, as she now focuses on a long-term strategy that includes the possibility of equity in a company.

Reese’s off-court brand is considerably larger than most WNBA players, with nearly 2 million followers on social media.

However, Reese’s request to trademark the nickname “Bayou Barbie” may face opposition from Mattel, the company that owns the trademark for “Barbie.”

Nevertheless, Reese’s potential earning capacity is on the rise, positioning her as the sixth-highest earner in D-I women’s basketball.

In Conclusion

Angel Reese’s estimated net worth and her impressive NIL earnings of $876,000 reflect the tremendous potential for college athletes to monetize their name, image, and likeness.

Reese’s achievements demonstrate the positive impact that fair compensation and financial opportunities can bring to college athletes.

With her rising success and growing brand, Reese is a remarkable example of an athlete who has worked hard to achieve her goals both on and off the court.

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