Who is Jeremy Claudio? Age, Nightbirde Ex-Husband, Facts about Jeremy Claudio

Who is Jeremy Claudio?

Jeremy Claudio (Real Name: ‘Jeremy Antonio Claudio’ born 8 August 1989) is an American singer, musician, songwriter and composer.

Jeremy Claudio Age

Claudio is 33 years of age as of 2022, he was born in 1960, in the United States. He has been celebrating his birthday every year together with his family and friends.

Year 2021 2022
Jeremy Claudio Age 32 years 33 years

Facts about Jeremy Claudio

Jeremy Claudio is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter and producer. He is the drummer and frontman for the band Tiger Drive, as well as a writer and collaborator with other artists.

In 2019, the band released songs such as “Watch Me Go Live.”

Jeremy Antonio Claudio was born in New York on August 8, 1989, to Benjamin Claudio and Nichohl Maria Mendoza Wise.

Patti and Susai are his two sisters.

In March 2015, Jeremy Claudio proposed to Jane Marczewski. On July 5, 2015, the couple married at an eclectic, old-timey restaurant and coffee shop in Newark, Ohio.

However, the couple divorced in 2020. Jeremy is now a resident of Nashville, Tennessee.

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