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Gavin Newsom Net Worth 2023/2, Salary as California Gov., Wife, Age, Kids, Parents

Gavin Newsom Net Worth 2023

Gavin Newsom has a net worth of $27 million dollars as of 2023. He has accumulated his net worth with the versatility he has shown in each field he has worked in.

His main source of earnings comes from his career as a businessman and a successful politician.

Year Net Worth
2023 $27 Million
2022 $26 Million
2021 $25 Million
2020 $24 Million
2019 $23 Million

Gavin Newsom Salary 2023

The highest-paid Governor in the United States as of 2023 is Gavin Newsom, the current governor of California. His salary is $215 thousand per year, he gets $18 thousand per month, this excludes all the allowances he is entitled to.

Year Salary Per Year Salary Per Month
2022 $2 million $166,667
2021 $1 million $83,333

Gavin Newsom Bio

Gavin Christopher Newsom, an American politician and businessman, was born on October 10, 1967. He has served as California’s 40th governor since 2019.

He was a Democrat who previously held the positions of 42nd mayor of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011 and 49th lieutenant governor of California from 2011 to 2019.

Newsom graduated from Santa Clara University after attending Redwood High School. He opened the PlumpJack wine shop after graduating, with family friend Gordon Getty serving as an investor.

Wineries, restaurants, and hotels are just a few of the 23 businesses that the PlumpJack Group now oversees.

Willie Brown, the mayor of San Francisco, appointed Newsom to the city’s Parking and Traffic Commission in 1996, marking the start of his political career.

The following year, Brown appointed Newsom to fill a vacancy on the Board of Supervisors, and he was subsequently elected in 1998, 2000, and 2002.

At 36 years old, Newsom became San Francisco’s 42nd mayor in 2003, becoming the city’s youngest mayor in a century. In 2007, he received 72% of the vote, winning reelection.

California’s Newsom won reelection as lieutenant governor in 2010 and 2014. In the 2018 election, he won the position of governor.

His leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic was criticized, and there was a subsequent attempt to have him removed from office.

He won the recall election in 2021, “emphatically defeating” what he referred to as the Republican effort to unseat him. In the election of 2022, Newsom won re-election.

From 2012 to 2013, Newsom hosted The Gavin Newsom Show on Current TV, and in 2013, he published Citizenville, a book about using technology for democratic change.

According to a political science analysis, he is more moderate than almost all Democratic legislators in California.

Gavin Newsom Age, Parents, Education

Gavin Newsom is 55 years old as of 2022, he was born on October 10, 1967, in San Francisco, CA, United States. He normally celebrates his birthday with his family and close friends every year on October 10. His zodiac sign is Libra.

Year 2022 2023
Gavin Newsom Age 55 years 56 years

Tessa Thomas (née Menzies) and William Alfred Newsom III, a state appeals court judge and lawyer for Getty Oil, welcomed Newsom into the world in San Francisco.

He comes from San Francisco and was raised there. Thomas Addis, a Scotsman who was one of Newsom’s maternal great-grandfathers, was a Stanford University professor of medicine and a pioneering researcher in the field of nephrology.

The family kept an otter as a pet, and his father was an otter advocate. When Newsom was five years old, his parents divorced.

Newsom has claimed that dyslexia played a part in his difficult upbringing.

He attended kindergarten and first grade at Ecole Notre Dame Des Victoires, a French-American bilingual school in San Francisco, but had to leave due to severe dyslexia, which he still has.

It has tested his writing, spelling, reading, and number-crunching abilities. Newsom had to rely on a combination of audiobooks, digests, and informal verbal instruction throughout his education. He still prefers to interpret documents and reports over the phone.

Newsom attended Notre Dame des Victoires from third to fifth grades, where he was placed in remedial reading classes.

He played basketball and baseball in high school and graduated from Redwood High School in 1985. Newsom played basketball as a shooting guard and baseball as an outfielder.

His abilities earned him a spot on the cover of the Marin Independent Journal.

Tessa Newsom took on three jobs to help Gavin and his sister Hilary Newsom Callan. His sister recalled Christmases when their mother told them they wouldn’t get any gifts in an interview with The San Francisco Chronicle.

Tessa welcomed foster children into their home, instilling in Newsom the value of public service.

His father’s finances were strained in part due to his habit of giving away his earnings. In high school, Newsom worked several jobs to support his family.

Newsom attended Santa Clara University on a baseball scholarship and earned a Bachelor of Science in political science in 1989.

He pitched left-handed for Santa Clara for two years before throwing his arm out and not throwing a baseball since. He lived in the Alameda Apartments, which he later likened to a hotel.

He has fond memories of his education, crediting Santa Clara’s Jesuit approach with helping him become an independent thinker who questions conventional wisdom. Newsom studied abroad in Rome for a semester while in college.

Newsom’s aunt was married to Ron Pelosi, the brother-in-law of Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

Gavin Newsom Wife and Kids

Newsom married Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former San Francisco prosecutor and legal commentator for Court TV, CNN, and MSNBC, in December 2001.

They married on the campus of the University of San Francisco, where Guilfoyle had attended law school, at Saint Ignatius Catholic Church.

The couple was featured in Harper’s Bazaar’s September 2004 issue, where they posed at the Getty Villa under the caption “the New Kennedys.”

In January 2005, they filed for divorce jointly, citing “difficulties due to their careers on opposite coasts.” On February 28, 2006, their divorce was finalized.

Guilfoyle rose to prominence in 2011 after appearing on a Fox News chat show. She was later appointed senior advisor to Republican President Donald Trump, whom Newsom has repeatedly chastised.

In September 2006, Newsom began dating film director Jennifer Siebel. In February 2007, he announced that he would seek treatment for alcoholism. The couple announced their engagement in December 2007, and they married in July 2008 in Stevensville, Montana. They have four kids.

In 2012, Newsom and his family relocated from San Francisco to a home they purchased in Kentfield, Marin County.

Following his election as governor, Newsom and his family relocated to the California Governor’s Mansion in Downtown Sacramento before settling in Fair Oaks.

According to The Sacramento Bee, Newsom’s $3.7 million purchase of a 12,000 square foot home in Fair Oaks in May 2019 was the most expensive private residence sold in the Sacramento region since the start of the year.

In August 2021, Newsom sold an off-market Marin County home for $5.9 million. He initially listed the property for $5.895 million in early 2019, but removed it from the market after lowering the price to $5.695 million.

Gavin Newsom Parents

William Newsom–Gavin Newsom Father

William Newsom, full name William Alfred Newsom III, was an American state appeals court judge, administrator of the Getty family trust, and the father of California Governor Gavin Newsom.

William Newsom’s Net Worth at Death

William had an estimated net worth of around $5 million at the time of his death, he had accumulated his worth from the versatility he had shown in each field he had worked in, and his main source of earnings was from his career as a Judge.

He was a legal adviser to Getty Oil’s Italian division before becoming a tax attorney for the Getty family. Newsom assisted in delivering the ransom money for John Paul Getty III’s release.

He married Tessa Menzies in 1967 and had two children with her (including Gavin) before divorcing after five years. In 1968, he ran unsuccessfully against popular Republican State Senator Milton Marks.

Trans-International Computer Investment Corporation (TCI) handled classified government contracts, for which Newsom received a National Security Clearance.

TCI declared bankruptcy in 1971 after what the Sacramento District Attorney called “the biggest stock fraud in California history,” with many members of Governor Reagan’s Kitchen Cabinet and appointment secretary Helene von Damm among those involved.

For the majority of 1969 and 1970, Newsom traveled throughout Europe with former SS Gestapo member Otto von Bolschwing, who was brought to the US by the CIA under Operation Paperclip and appointed TCI’s president by Getty due to his former Nazi intelligence connections and their value in obtaining defense technology contracts.

During this time, von Bolschwing introduced Newsom to the business of importing and selling wine from Argentina, a venture that Newsom’s son, Gavin, would later emulate.

Jerry Brown appointed Newsom to the Superior Court bench in Auburn (Placer County) in 1975, and later to the state Court of Appeal in San Francisco, where he served until 1995.

In this capacity, he ruled on several high-profile cases, including the right of HIV patients to privacy, the San Francisco 49ers’ liability for a player’s injury, and the prestigious Bohemian Club’s ban on hiring women.

Newsom, a supporter of rehabilitative justice, was also on a panel of judges who decided that the perpetrators of the 1976 Chowchilla kidnapping would be eligible for parole.

William Newsom Wife

Newsom was married to his beautiful wife Tessa Menzies. They are the parents of Gavin Newsom.

William Newsom Cause of Death

Newsom died of ulcerative colitis on December 12, 2018, at the age of 84, at his home in San Francisco, less than a month before his son Gavin took office as governor.

William Newsom Parents

Newsom was born in San Francisco, California, the son of Christine Anne (née Brennan) and William A. Newsom II. All of his friends and family referred to him as Bill. Newsom, a lifelong San Franciscan, had longstanding political and financial ties. His father ran Pat Brown’s campaign for San Francisco District Attorney, who later became Governor of California.

Barbara Newsom, Newsom’s late sister, was married to Ron Pelosi, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law. He was also a close friend of Gordon Getty, son of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, who lived in his house during the 1940s while attending St. Ignatius Catholic prep school in San Francisco.

Newsom attended the University of San Francisco and Stanford Law School before being admitted to the California Bar in 1962.

Tessa Menzies–Gavin Newsom Mother


Tessa Menzies was an American businesswoman, knitter, and celebrity mother widely known for being the wife of William Newsom and the mother of Gavin Newsom, an American politician and businessman who has been the 40th governor of California since 2019.

Tessa Menzies Obituary, Age, Husband and Kids

BIRTH: 28 Nov 1946
BIRTH PLACE: San Francisco, San Francisco County, California, USA
DEATH: 9 May 2002 (aged 55)
PLACE OF DEATH: San Francisco, San Francisco County, California, USA
PLACE OF BURIAL: Dutch Flat Cemetery, Dutch Flat, Placer County, California, USA

Tessa Thomas Newsom, the mother of San Francisco Governor Gavin Newsom, died Thursday in her San Francisco home after a long battle with breast cancer. She was 55 years old.

Mrs. Newsom, a striking and energetic woman who enjoyed antiques, knitting, and needlepoint, was most recently the controller of PlumpJack Management Group, a chain of cafes, wine shops, and other Northern California businesses owned by her son.

“My mother would knit while watching a movie. She refused to sit still “Hilary Newsom Callan, her daughter, confirmed this. “Even though she was sick, she worked seven days a week. It was absolutely incredible.”

Mrs. Newsom and her identical twin sister, Anne, were born on November 28, 1946, in San Francisco. Her father, Arthur L. Menzies, worked as an assistant curator at Golden Gate Park’s Strybing Arboretum. Barbara Menzies, her mother, performed in the San Francisco Actor’s Workshop as Jean T. Addis.

Mrs. Newsom was a champion singles tennis player as a teenager and graduated from Lowell High School in San Francisco. She enrolled at Chico State College but dropped out at the age of 19 to marry William A. Newsom Jr., a tax attorney for J. Paul Getty’s family.

The couple married in 1966 and had two children: Gavin in 1967 and Hilary in 1968. Mrs. Newsom never remarried after they divorced in 1971.

Mrs. Newsom worked as a legal secretary while raising her two children. She also attended the University of San Francisco on a part-time basis, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree in social studies. It was one of her most proud achievements.

Mrs. Newsom was a Marin County real estate agent. Later, she joined her son’s PlumpJack company, eventually rising to the position of controller.

Mrs. Newsom, a natural athlete with an infectious smile, balanced a slew of activities with her work and home life.

She was a voracious reader and traveler who pushed her children to learn French and Italian.

Mrs. Newsom, an antique collector, enjoyed traveling to Europe in search of an unusual find.

“My mother enjoyed a good hunt at a flea market in Rome, Paris, and London,” Callan explained. “She’d come across the most amazing antiques.”

Mrs. Newsom was diagnosed with breast cancer almost four years ago. Her disease eventually spread to her liver. Despite her failing health, she attended both of her children’s weddings last year.

“She really tried to fight to survive,” her sister, Anne Scherer, said. “Tessa was very fortunate to witness their marriage.”

Mrs. In addition to her daughter, son, and twin sister, all of whom live in San Francisco,

Cindy Asner, of Studio City, is Newsom’s other sister.

“A private memorial service was held,” according to the San Francisco Gate.

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