Sonny Houghton Age, Bio, Parents, Career – Sonny Houghton Son

Sonny Houghton Biography

Israel and Meleasa’s second child is Sonny Houghton. He was born in 1999, but the month and date of his birth have not been made public.

Sonny Houghton Age

Sonny has the most reserved personality out of the four children. He is now 23 years old as of 2022, so he was 16 years old when his parents divorced.

He was already a semi-adult who was partially responsible for himself at the time, so the separation had little impact on him. He has lovely relationships with his father, biological mother, and stepmother.

Sonny Houghton Career

Sonny is a songwriter and producer of music. He is also the director of marketing at Beat Bank, a music production, mastering, and mixing platform. There is no information available about his relationship. It’s unclear if he’s dating or engaged to anyone.

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