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Cassidy Vaughn (Robert Vaughn’s son) Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Net Worth

Cassidy Vaughn Net Worth 2023

Cassidy Vaughn is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million dollars as of 2023. He has accumulated his net worth with his versatility in each field he has worked in. His main source of earnings is his career as a celebrity son. As he progresses in his career, his net worth is projected to rise.

Year Net Worth
2023 $1 million dollars
2024 $2 million dollars
2025 $3 million dollars
2026 $4 million dollars
2027 $5 million dollars

Cassidy Vaughn Biography

Cassidy Vaughn is recognized as an American celebrity child, widely acknowledged as the adopted son of the late Robert Vaughn and Linda Staab. Robert Vaughn, his father, was a distinguished American stage, film, and television actor, renowned as an author, political activist, and advertising spokesperson, with a career that spanned almost six decades.

Originally born in New York City, Vaughn passed away due to acute leukemia in Danbury, Connecticut, merely eleven days prior to his 84th birthday. Throughout his illustrious career, Vaughn appeared in numerous films, often taking on lead or character roles.

Notably, he portrayed the disabled and inebriated war veteran Chester A. Gwynn in “The Young Philadelphians,” a performance that earned him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1959. Vaughn further solidified his place in cinematic history with his portrayal of the gunman Lee in the classic film “The Magnificent Seven” (1960).

Cassidy Vaughn Wiki

Birth name: Cassidy Vaughn
Date of birth: 1976

Place of birth: United States
Cassidy Vaughn’s age: 47 years (as of 2023)

Birth sign: Not known
Height: 5′7″

Spouse: Not known
Education:  Not known

Profession: Celebrity son
Salary: Not known

Net worth: $1 million dollars

Cassidy Vaughn Age

Cassidy Vaughn Photo
Cassidy Vaughn Photo

Cassidy Vaughn is 47 years old as of 2023, he was born in 1976, in the United States. He normally celebrates his birthday with his family and close friends every year. His zodiac sign is not known.

Year 2023 2024
Cassidy Vaughn Age 47 years 48 years

Cassidy Vaughn Height

Cassidy Vaughn stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches approximately 1.70 m.

Cassidy Vaughn Parents and Siblings

Cassidy, born in 1976, is the son of both Robert Vaughn and Linda Staab, and he grew up alongside his sibling Vaughn Caitlin, who was born in 1981. Robert Vaughn, the acclaimed actor, tied the knot with fellow actress Linda Staab in 1974.

Together, they appeared in an episode of The Protectors titled “It Could Be Practically Anywhere on the Island” in 1973. The couple decided to adopt two children, Cassidy and Caitlin, and they established their home in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

During the late 1960s, Vaughn had a romantic relationship with Joyce Jameson, who appeared as a guest star opposite Vaughn in a 1966 episode of U.N.C.L.E. titled “The Dippy Blond Affair.”

For a considerable period, it was widely believed that Vaughn was the biological father of English film director and producer Matthew Vaughn, who was born during Vaughn’s relationship with the early 1970s socialite Kathy Ceaton.

However, following a paternity investigation, it was revealed that the father was George de Vere Drummond, an English aristocrat and the godson of King George VI. Despite this revelation, Robert Vaughn had already requested that the child’s surname be Vaughn, a decision that Matthew continues to use professionally to this day.

Cassidy Vaughn Father Robert Vaughn

Robert Francis Vaughn, an acclaimed American actor in the realms of stage, film, and television, also made significant contributions as an author, political activist, and advertising spokesperson. His rich and diverse career spanned nearly six decades, marked by notable performances and significant achievements in the entertainment industry.

Born in New York City on November 22, 1932, Vaughn passed away in Danbury, Connecticut from acute leukemia, just eleven days before his 84th birthday.

Throughout his cinematic journey, Vaughn played various roles, demonstrating his versatility as both a lead and character actor. His portrayal of the disabled and inebriated war veteran, Chester A. Gwynn, in “The Young Philadelphians,” led to a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1959. Additionally, his compelling depiction of the character Lee in the timeless classic “The Magnificent Seven” (1960) solidified his place in film history.

Beyond his success on the silver screen, Vaughn left an indelible mark on television, notably as the spy Napoleon Solo in the internationally renowned 1960s series “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” His stellar performance as the White House Chief of Staff in the miniseries “Washington: Behind Closed Doors” earned him an Emmy Award in 1978.

In his reflective autobiography, “A Fortunate Life” (2008), Vaughn expressed gratitude for the opportunities that allowed him to extend his brief moments of fame into a career spanning more than half a century, acknowledging the role of his modest looks, talent, and fortuitous circumstances.

Vaughn was born to Gerald Walter and Marcella Frances (née Gaudel) Vaughn at Charity Hospital in New York City. Following his parent’s divorce, he spent his early years under the care of his grandparents, Frank and Mary Gaudel, in Minneapolis, while his mother pursued her acting career.

In a candid interview with the New York Sunday News in 1965, Vaughn candidly shared his tumultuous childhood experiences, describing himself as emotionally unstable and frequently facing distressing situations, both emotionally and physically.

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