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Barbara Waite Bio

Barbara Waite was a Canadian celebrity mother widely known for being the mother of Ryan Grantham, a Canadian actor. Among the series in which he participated are Riverdale, Supernatural and IZombie.

Barbara Waite Age at Death

Barbara Anne Waite tragically passed away at the age of 64 on March 31, 2020.


Barbie was a cherished mother, daughter, sister, and friend who provided her family with unconditional love and support.

She was a lovely and selfless woman whose generous and kind spirit shone brightly throughout her life.

She adored motherhood and had a special bond with her daughter Lisa. She was a best friend, guiding light, and moral compass as a dear sister.

Her quick wit and vivid imagination brought joy and laughter into our lives. Barbie was a caring daughter who spent a lot of time with her parents.

She was a staunch advocate for her mother’s care and always had her mother’s best interests in mind. Barbie’s mother treasured her company.

Barbie was a long-time Squamish resident who felt most at ease when she was outside and surrounded by nature.

She loved to go on adventures, especially cross-country skiing, biking, and hiking, which are some of our favorite memories of her.

Despite her small stature, she was strong and brave, overcoming obstacles with a never-say-die attitude. She was an animal lover, and her pets adored her, never wanting to leave her side.

Barbara Waite Cause of Death

Ryan Grantham, an actor, shot his mother in the head while she was playing the piano on March 31, 2020. Grantham loaded his car with 12 Molotov cocktails, three guns, and ammunition on April 1.

Grantham also planned to assassinate Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Grantham turned himself in on the same day of the planned assassination.

He was charged with the murder of his mother but not with the planned assassination.

On the 13th of June, 2022, As his sentencing was approaching, he experienced a severe bout of clinical depression. During the trial, Grantham expressed regret saying “I cannot explain or justify my actions. I have no excuse,”, “It hurts me to think about how badly I’ve wasted my life.”In the face of something so horrible, saying sorry seems so pointless. But from every fibre of my being, I am sorry,”

Barbara Waite Parents

Barbara was born to both parents (mother and father) in a large-sized family setting in Squamish.

Details about her mother and father’s name and what they did for a living are currently unavailable, however, she was raised alongside her siblings.

Nevertheless, as soon as credible information about her father, mother, brothers and sisters is available, we shall update all Barbara Anne Waiter’s family members immediately.

Barbara Waite Husband

Barbara was not married at the time of her death, she separated from her husband years ago before her untimely death.


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