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Asasha Lache Hall – Lamont Butler’s Sister: Details of her Life, Death, and Family

Asasha Lache Hall was the beloved sister of Lamont Butler, an up-and-coming basketball star. However, tragedy struck the family on January 25, 2022, when Asasha was shot and killed during a domestic dispute in her home in Hemet, California. She was only 30 years old at the time of her death.

According to Lamont, Asasha was his biggest supporter, and her presence was felt throughout his basketball career. Lamont started playing basketball at the young age of seven and has had a passion for the sport ever since.

Asasha was a regular attendee of the San Diego State home games, sitting just a few rows behind the Aztecs’ bench, cheering on her brother whenever he played well and scolding him when he didn’t.

The shooting that claimed Asasha’s life occurred in the 3000 block of Greengable Lane in Hemet. Nine people, including seven adults and two children, were present in the home at the time of the shooting.

The Hemet Police Department reported that one of the residents, 24-year-old Koron LeKeith Lowe, caused a disturbance and began arguing with the other adults in the house.

During the argument, shots were fired, and Asasha was hit. She died at the scene due to her injuries. A handgun was found at the location, and the police are treating Lowe as a person of interest in the case.

The investigation into Asasha’s death is still ongoing, and the identity of the victim was initially withheld from the public pending notification of her family.

Asasha’s family and friends were devastated by the sudden loss of this young woman. Her brother Lamont has been open about the impact her death has had on him, saying that he thinks about her every day.

Asasha’s death is a tragic reminder of the importance of addressing domestic disputes and gun violence. Her family and friends will undoubtedly continue to mourn her loss, but her memory will live on through their love and the support of those who knew her.

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