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Saul Steinberg Biography

Saul Steinberg (June 15, 1914 – May 12, 1999) was a Romanian American painter best known for his work for The New Yorker, particularly View of the World from 9th Avenue. He referred to himself as “a writer who draws.”

Saul Steinberg Family

Steinberg was born to a Jewish family in Râmnicu Sărat, Buzău County, Romania. He enrolled at the University of Bucharest in 1932. He enrolled in the Polytechnic University of Milan in 1933 to study architecture, and he graduated in 1940.

Saul Steinberg Wife

Saul was initially married to Barbara Steinberg (Herzog) whom he had his son Jonathan Steinberg. Barbara passed away on October 29, 1999 (aged 58). Saul later married Hedda Sterne, a Romanian-born American artist who was an active member of the New York School of Painters.

On August 4, 1910, Sterne was born Hedwig Lindenberg in Bucharest, Romania. Eugenie (née Wexler) and Simon Lindenberg, a language teacher, were her Jewish parents. Edouard Lindenberg (1908–1973), her older brother and only sibling, rose to prominence as a conductor in Paris.

Sterne and her brother were educated in music and languages as children. Sterne was taught to read German, French, and English in addition to Romanian. She recalled the importance of German philosophy texts and art history books in her artistic development. Sterne was initially encouraged to study piano, but she eventually persuaded her parents to let her study art instead.

In 1918, she began formal training with the encouragement of Max Hermann Maxy, whom Sterne remembered as a student of her father’s. Maxy’s former professor at the Bucharest National University of Arts, sculptor Frederic Storck, was Sterne’s first art teacher.

Sterne’s father, Simon, died in 1919, and her mother remarried. By 1921, Sterne was enrolled at Bucharest’s Institutul de Domnişoare Choisy-Mangâru, a private girls’ school.

Sterne visited Vienna on a regular basis in the late 1920s, where she studied ceramics at the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

Saul Steinberg Net Worth at Death

The estimated Net Worth of Joseph S Steinberg was at least $461 Million.

Saul Steinberg Children

Steinberg had six children at the time of his death.

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