Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr Net Worth at Death, Early Life

Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr Net Worth

At the time of his death, Gallagher had a total net worth of over $1 million. His net worth included his car(s), banked money, shares in his parents wealth, in-house valuables, and savings from his career as a comedian.

Who was Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr?

Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr. (July 24, 1946 – November 11, 2022), better known as Gallagher, was an American comedian known for his observational and prop comedy, as well as smashing watermelons as part of his performance. He had several popular HBO specials and 13 one-hour Showtime comedy specials.

Early Life

Gallagher was born on July 24, 1946 in Fort Bragg, North Carolina to an Irish and Croatian family.

He lived in Lorain, Ohio, until the age of nine, when his family relocated to South Tampa, Florida, where he attended H.B. Plant High School.

In 1970, he earned a chemical engineering degree from the University of South Florida. He studied English literature as a minor.

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