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Who Are ‘The View’ Hosts Spouses? Meet the Husbands of ‘The View’ Hosts

Behind the Views: Exploring the Love Stories of ‘The View’ Hosts and Their Spouses

In the world of daytime television, the hosts of ‘The View‘ have captured the hearts of millions with their candid discussions, witty debates, and insightful perspectives on a myriad of topics.

Yet, beyond the spotlight and the TV screens, these hosts lead lives filled with remarkable love stories and enduring partnerships. In this article, we delve into the personal lives of ‘The View’ hosts and their spouses, unveiling heartwarming tales of romance, unconventional beginnings, and enduring commitments that add depth to the familiar faces that grace our screens.

Join us on a journey to discover the fascinating and often extraordinary love stories of Sara Haines, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Alyssa Farah Griffin, and Ana Navarro, shedding light on the bonds that bring even more warmth and authenticity to our daily dose of ‘The View.’

Sara Haines and Max Shifrin: A Love Found on OKCupid

Sara Haines, one of the beloved hosts of ‘The View,’ didn’t just find fame on the show; she also found love. Her husband, Max Shifrin, entered her life through the world of online dating.

The couple’s love story began when Sara, encouraged by a producer from her earlier stint on the ‘Today’ program, decided to create a dating profile on the popular platform, OKCupid. Little did she know that this virtual step would lead her to her soulmate.

Max, a lawyer who happens to be five years younger than Sara, wasted no time and asked her out once they matched on the dating app. From that moment on, their love story quickly unfolded, eventually leading to a beautiful wedding in 2014.

Sara and Max’s love blossomed further with the arrival of three children – Alec, Sandra, and Caleb. They are known for prioritizing their family time, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a strong and honest connection in their marriage. Sara has even spoken candidly about their commitment to therapy and openly encourages others to do the same.

Joy Behar’s Unconventional Path to Love

Joy Behar, another familiar face on ‘The View,’ has a unique love story to share. She has been open about her marriage history, having given birth to her daughter, Eve Behar, during her first marriage to Joe Behar. Despite their eventual divorce in 1981 after 16 years of marriage, Joy decided to keep her married name.

However, Joy’s true love story began when she met Steve Janowitz in an unconventional setting – a semi-nudist colony. The comedian humorously recounted their first meeting, with Steve in the buff and Joy not quite in the same state. Joy even joked that she’d only allow a man to see her naked if she were in his will.

After 29 years of dating, Joy and Steve finally tied the knot in 2011. Their decision was partly influenced by the push for legalizing gay marriage in New York City, which heightened their awareness of the importance of marriage equality.

Meet the Spouses of ‘The View’ Hosts

Beyond Sara Haines and Joy Behar, let’s take a glimpse into the lives of the spouses of a few other ‘The View’ hosts:

Whoopi Goldberg Husband: Whoopi Goldberg has been married three times in her life. Her first husband was Alvin Martin, with whom she had a daughter, Alex Martin. Her subsequent marriages were to David Claessen and Lyle Trachtenberg. She has since reflected on her past marriages and her journey towards self-discovery.

Sunny Hostin Husband: Sunny Hostin, married to orthopedic surgeon Emmanuel Hostin since 1998, is not just a prominent figure on ‘The View,’ but she’s also a loving wife and mother of two – Gabriel and Paloma.

Alyssa Farah Griffin Husband: Alyssa Farah Griffin tied the knot with her husband, Justin Griffin, in 2021. Their love story experienced a brief hiccup during their early days of dating, but their bond grew stronger, as Alyssa humorously shared.

Ana Navarro Husband: Ana Navarro and her husband, Al Cárdenas, celebrated their wedding in 2019. They have opened up about their efforts to expand their family, highlighting the challenges they faced in their journey towards parenthood.

These glimpses into the personal lives and love stories of ‘The View’ hosts and their spouses provide a heartwarming and relatable dimension to the daily lives of these TV personalities.

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