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The Concours Club: Redefining Automotive Luxury in Sunny Miami


The Concours Club, located in sunny Miami, stands as one of the nation’s premier automotive clubs, offering a unique and tailored experience to its members.

Founded by Neil Gehani, an avid motorsport enthusiast and CEO of Trilogy Real Estate Group LLC, the club caters to high-net-worth automotive enthusiasts and car collectors.

Gehani’s passion for motorsport and his extensive time spent in South Florida led him to establish the Concours Club, which opened its doors to members in 2021.

The Ideal Location

Miami, often referred to as the Magic City, not only boasts year-round fantastic weather but also possesses a diverse and international culture, deeply rooted in a rich car heritage.

This vibrant atmosphere is reflected in the club’s ultra-high-net-worth clientele. Strategically situated near the private Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport, the Concours Club ensures convenient access for its members, eliminating lengthy commutes.

Miami International Airport is just eight miles away, while Fort Lauderdale is 20 miles to the north, and downtown Miami is a mere 13 miles away. Nestled on a sprawling 75-acre campus, the club offers members access to a luxurious lifestyle and a top-notch circuit concierge service.

The Exhilarating Track

Central to the Concours Club’s allure is its state-of-the-art two-mile-long private racetrack. Designed by renowned South African circuit designer Alan L. Wilson, this highly technical course comprises 11 corners, three hairpins, elevation changes, a 2,100-foot straight, and fully paved asphalt run-off areas with high-grip coating.

Drawing inspiration from legendary circuits worldwide, the track provides ample space with its 46-foot width, allowing drivers to push their skills and vehicles to the limit.

In addition to the track itself, the Concours Club offers a range of resources to enhance members’ driving abilities. Professional driving instructors and simulators are available to refine skills, while a variety of driver training programs cater to drifting and car control enthusiasts.

The club even provides a fleet of BMW M2 CS race cars for members who prefer not to utilize their own vehicles. Safety and technology take precedence at the Concours Club, as demonstrated by the integration of an advanced flagging system utilizing high-definition cameras, timing and scoring loops, and electronic flag panels. This system monitors driver telemetry to identify and respond to any anomalies on the track.

Beyond the Track: Exclusive Amenities

Complementing its exceptional racing facilities, the Concours Club offers a range of exclusive amenities for members to enjoy. The Lounge provides a gathering place for like-minded individuals to engage in conversations and share their mutual love for cars.

Within the club, members can indulge in exquisite culinary experiences at the Verge, the in-house restaurant led by renowned Chef Brad Kilgore.

The Concours Club recognizes the need for secure and adequate parking space, particularly in the high-end real estate market of Miami. To address this, the club offers a shared storage facility where members can store their valuable automotive possessions and receive professional care.

The storage houses a collection of collector cars and circuit-specific vehicles for track days. Additionally, the club provides comprehensive car detailing services, including paint correction, PPF installs, ceramic coatings, and a tuning shop with a service center, ensuring members’ vehicles remain in pristine condition.

Looking to the future, the Concours Club plans to construct 41 Auto Lofts, offering private leasable spaces spanning 3,200 square feet.

These unique units blend the characteristics of a garage and an apartment, providing space for 8 to 12 cars. Configurable layouts, complete with a locker room and kitchenette, offer convenience and comfort. Each unit features a patio overlooking the racecourse and the expansive facility, providing members with a panoramic view of the action.

The Next Chapter: Automotive Events Center

As the Concours Club continues to evolve, its next venture is the creation of the Automotive Events Center. Designed by the esteemed Italian design house, Pininfarina, renowned for their iconic car designs, this center will serve as a versatile space for a range of automotive events.

From new car launches to media days and vendor exhibitions, the Automotive Events Center will set the stage for exclusive experiences within the automotive industry.

The club has already made its mark on the international motorsport scene by actively participating in the inaugural Formula One Grand Prix held in Miami.

Located just six miles away from the Hard Rock Stadium, where the race took place, the Concours Club hosted close to 300 members and their guests in its dedicated hospitality suite at Turn Three.

Adding to the excitement, all 20 Formula One drivers participated in a pre-race grid parade, riding in exotic cars owned and driven by members of the Concours Club.

Setting New Standards

The Concours Club stands as a pioneering force, setting new standards for automotive-centric venues worldwide. With a commitment to exclusivity, membership is offered on an invite-only basis, relying on referrals to maintain the club’s prestigious community.

For those interested in learning more about the Concours Club and its offerings, detailed information can be found on their official website.

Whether it’s the state-of-the-art racetrack, the luxurious amenities, or the focus on creating unforgettable automotive experiences, the Concours Club has firmly established itself as a destination that caters to the passions and desires of high-net-worth automotive enthusiasts and collectors.

By combining Miami’s allure, a world-class track, and unparalleled services, the club continues to redefine the automotive landscape, pushing boundaries and capturing the essence of automotive luxury.

The Concours Club membership cost 2023

As of 2023, the Concours Club offers memberships with an entry fee of $150,000 USD. This initial fee grants individuals access to the exclusive amenities and privileges of the club. In addition to the entry fee, there is an annual fee of $35,000 USD for ongoing members, ensuring continued access to the club’s world-class facilities and services.

It’s important to note that membership costs and fees can change over time, so it’s always recommended to visit the official website of the Concours Club or contact their membership department for the most up-to-date information regarding membership fees and requirements.

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