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Will Cain Salary Fox News and Net Worth in2024

Will Cain Salary FOX News 2024

Will Cain’s salary is $0.649 million every year, and he gets a monthly salary of $53,456. He is an American columnist, political analyst, and sports commentator.

He is currently the co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend on Fox News. So how much does Will Cain make a year? He makes $1.3 million every year.

Year Salary Per Year Salary Per Month
2024 $649,000 $53,456
2025 $640,000 $52,000

Will Cain Net Worth 2024

Will Cain has a net worth of $15 million as of 2024. He has accumulated his net worth with the versatility he has shown in each field he has worked in. His main source of earnings is from his media career.

Year Net Worth
2024 $15 Million
2025 $16 Million
2026 $17 Million
2027 $18 Million
2028 $19 Million

Will Cain Wife

Cain’s wife is Kathleen Cain, they have two sons, Charlie and West. So, is Will Cain married? Yes, he is married to his wife, Kathleen.

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