Fiona Lee Duffy Age (Emily Cutler’s daughter) Carlyn Rosser Grandchild

Fiona Lee Duffy Bio

Fiona Lee Duffy is an American celebrity kid widely known for being Emily Cutler‘s daughter and Carlyn Rosser‘s grandchild.

Fiona Lee Duffy Age

Fiona is 16 years of age as of 2022, she was born in 2006. She celebrates her birthday every year together with her family and friends.

Fiona Lee Duffy Parents

Fiona Lee Duffy is the daughter of Emily Cutler and Conor Duffy.

Born: 2006 (age 16 years)
Grandparents: Patrick Duffy, Carlyn Rosser

Great-grandparents: Terence Duffy, Marie Duffy
Uncle: Padraic Terrence Duffy

Parents: Conor Duffy, Emily Cutler

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