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Hanna Smith Age — Mat Armstrong’s Bio: The Birth of Mat’s YouTube Channel, BMX Career

Hanna Smith’s Age

As of 2023, Hanna Smith’s exact date of birth is not publicly known. However, she is over 28 years old. Hanna is Mat Armstrong’s wife and is an integral part of his personal life and endeavors. Her age and support contribute to the couple’s shared experiences and journey.

Mat Armstrong’s Love for BMXing and Career Journey

Mat Armstrong’s passion for extreme sports led him to the world of BMXing. Although he initially played football during his younger years, he eventually discovered a deep love for BMXing and decided to shift his focus to this exhilarating sport.

In the beginning, Mat faced challenges while riding on racetracks, but he found joy in performing BMX tricks and honed his skills at skate parks. With persistent practice and dedication, Mat gradually became proficient in BMXing, showcasing his talent and determination.

At the age of 16, Mat completed his schooling, and it was during this time that BMXing became the sole source of enjoyment and fulfillment in his life. He devoted his time and energy to riding his BMX bike, immersing himself in the adrenaline-fueled world of extreme sports.

The Birth of Mat’s YouTube Channel

On April 7, 2013, Mat Armstrong established his eponymous YouTube channel. Initially, his intention was not to become a full-time YouTuber, but rather to create BMX videos that he could send to BMX competitions and potential sponsors. Mat started by filming himself riding his bike and learned the basics of video editing, a skill that would later prove invaluable in his journey as a content creator.

Before uploading his videos to YouTube, Mat initially shared his content on Facebook. However, recognizing the potential of the YouTube platform, he made the shift and began sharing his videos there as well. Alongside his BMX videos, Mat’s love for cars inspired him to start publishing car-related content on his channel.

Competing Globally and the Challenges Faced

Mat Armstrong’s skills in BMXing led to sponsorship opportunities, and he secured a sponsorship from Madd Gear MGP. This sponsorship allowed him to participate in numerous BMX competitions around the world. During his time in school, Mat competed in events held in countries like France, Germany, Barcelona, and Dubai. He even took on coaching roles in BMX in Dubai, further fueling his love for the sport.

While Mat gained international exposure through his competitions, he discovered that BMXing was not financially sustainable. Sponsors often only covered travel costs, leaving little room for significant earnings. Despite the challenges, Mat persevered and continued to pursue his passion for BMXing.

The End of Mat’s BMX Career

Mat’s BMX career took an unexpected turn when he dislocated his shoulder while performing a 720 tailwhip trick during the qualifying run of the BMX World Championships in Germany. Despite qualifying for the finals, the injury prevented him from competing further. Unfortunately, his shoulder would randomly dislocate, even while sleeping, which ultimately forced him to make the difficult decision to quit BMXing.

Career Transition and Diverse Work Experiences

Following the end of his BMX career, Mat Armstrong sought alternative means to support himself. He took on multiple jobs, including working part-time at Halfords and later at Evans Cycles. Mat also worked in his father’s garage, where he gained essential mechanical skills while working on his father’s cars.

At the age of 17, Mat began working full-time at Spice 45, an Indian restaurant in Leicester. Meanwhile, his love for motors and cars led him to secure a job at Graham Goode Motors, a renowned “Ford Performance” establishment. At Graham Goode Motors, Mat took on various responsibilities, such as managing social media channels, including the Graham Goode Racing YouTube channel, and handling tasks like website design and running Amazon and eBay shops.

In addition to his automotive-related jobs, Mat also worked part-time as a food delivery driver for Spice 45. This experience exposed him to issues with his car, sparking an interest in car repairs. Mat

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