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Fatima Manji Biography

Fatima Manji is a well known British television journalist and newsreader, working for Channel 4 News. In March 2016, Manji became the country’s first hijab-clad TV newsreader.

Fatima Manji Net Worth

Manji has an estimated net worth of $2 Million . She has acquired a great fortune from her career as a  journalist yet she likes to live a humble lifestyle. This includes her property, funds and earnings. Her job career is her main source of income.

Fatima Manji Salary

Manji receives a respectable wage from his job as a journalist. He receives an average annual salary of $130 thousand  which  translates to a monthly average wage of $10,833.

Year 2023 2024
Fatima Manji  Salary $130 thousand $150 thousand
Fatima Manji  Net Worth $3 million $3.5 million

Fatima Manji Age

Fatima Manji was born on 28 November 1985 in Peterborough . As of 2023 she is 38 years old.

Fatima Manji Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Manji stands proudly at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters or 165 centimeters), she exhibits an exquisite balance in her physique. Weighing approximately 55 kg (121 lbs), her body measurements are an enviable.

She has kept up a lovely physical shape that is currently visible on websites all over the internet. However, neither her physical characteristics nor shoe size are known.

Fatima Manji Parents

Manji was born and in  raised Netherton, Peterborough by her parents. We tried to learn more about her family, but were unsuccessful because no such information is available in the public.

Therefore, it is still unknown who Manji’s parents are. Furthermore, it is unknown if she has any siblings. Once the information is available, we will update this section.

Fatima Manji Husband

Throughout her career there have been many rumors regarding her relationship status, however Manji has kept her relationship status quite private. We were unable to learn anything about whether she is married or still single. When this information becomes available, we will update this area.

Fatima Manji Education

As a young girl, she spent her formative years in Netherton, Peterborough and her educational journey began at Jack Hunt School. This institution, nestled in her hometown, played a significant role in shaping her early academic and personal development. Nurtured by the local community, she embarked on a path of knowledge and self-discovery.

During her time in Peterborough, Manji found herself drawn to the Burton Street Mosque, where she became an active member of the community. The mosque served as not just a place of worship but also a center for cultural exchange and social engagement. Here, she was exposed to diverse perspectives, fostering an open-mindedness that would later become a hallmark of her intellectual pursuits.

As her thirst for knowledge and a deeper understanding of the world grew, Manji decided to continue her education at the prestigious London School of Economics. At this renowned institution, she embarked on a journey of academic exploration with a focus on the field of politics.

Fatima Manji Career

She started out as a BBC trainee reporting for BBC Radio Cambridgeshire before moving on to become a reporter and presenter for BBC Look East. She looked into pressure on housing services and hate crimes against immigrants while working for the BBC. She also provided coverage from Sarajevo, Bosnia, for the BBC World Service.

Manji began working for Channel 4 News as a reporter in 2012, and in March 2016 she was promoted to newsreader. Remona Aly wrote in an article for The Guardian about Manji wearing a hijab, or headscarf, “Channel 4 News is to be commended for pioneering this move, particularly as a mere 0.4% of British journalists are Muslim.” She cited a study by City University London in her article.

On Channel 4, Manji hosted the first-ever alternative election debate in Britain featuring young leaders in 2015. Manji competed in the Royal Television Society’s Young Journalist of the Year competition in 2015. Manji was a finalist in the Words by Women Awards for female journalists’ Broadcast category as well. At the 2016 Asian Media Awards, she received the “Media Personality of the Year” honor.

Kelvin MacKenzie column

Following the 2016 Nice truck attack, Kelvin MacKenzie questioned whether it was appropriate for Manji to present the news while donning a hijab in a column for The Sun in July 2016. With reference to The Sun’s coverage of the Hillsborough tragedy and MacKenzie’s divisive and incorrect front page, Manji responded to MacKenzie in a comment piece for the Liverpool Echo.

Soon after the Nice attack, Ofcom received 17 complaints about Manji’s appearance on Channel 4 News while wearing a hijab. However, they determined that the complaints had no basis in the Broadcasting Code, prompting them to look into the matter further.

More than 1,700 complaints were filed with the Independent Press Standards Organization (IPSO) regarding MacKenzie’s article. IPSO ruled on October 19, 2016, that Kelvin MacKenzie was “entitled” to criticize Manji because “the article did not include a prejudicial or pejorative reference to the complainant on the basis of her religion.”

In his response to the decision, Manji stated that “effectively it is” now “open season on minorities, and Muslims in particular,” objecting to the implication “that I am somehow sympathetic to a perpetrator of a terrorist attack.”

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