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Ariana Biermann Net Worth, Age, Husband, Parents, Siblings: Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s daughter

Ariana Biermann Bio: Rising TV Personality and Entrepreneur

Ariana Biermann is an American TV personality who gained fame as the daughter of reality star Kim Zolciak. Born on October 17, 2001, in Georgia, Ariana is a Libra, and she is currently 21 years old.

Family Background

Ariana Biermann is the daughter of Kim Zolciak-Biermann, a well-known reality TV personality and singer, and Kroy Biermann, a former NFL football player. It is worth noting that Kim was previously married to Daniel Toce, and Ariana is also his daughter.

Reality TV Journey

Ariana has been in the spotlight from an early age, as she was featured on the Bravo series “Don’t Be Tardy,” which follows the life of her family, including her mother Kim, stepfather Kroy, and siblings.

Entrepreneurial Venture: KAB Cosmetics

In 2019, Ariana, alongside her two sisters, Kim and Brielle, launched a cosmetics line called KAB Cosmetics. The venture capitalized on the sisters’ popularity and their passion for makeup, offering a range of beauty products to their dedicated fan base.

Ariana Biermann Net Worth

As of 2023, Ariana Biermann’s estimated net worth is around $700 thousand. Her earnings stem from her appearances on television, her involvement in the cosmetics business, and the opportunities that come with being part of a famous family.

With her television presence and entrepreneurial spirit, Ariana Biermann continues to pave her way in the entertainment industry, making a name for herself beyond her family’s fame. As she embarks on new ventures and embraces opportunities that come her way, her journey as a TV personality and businesswoman is sure to captivate audiences and fans alike.

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