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Zoey Tur Real Name: Transition, Family, and Activism

Zoey Tur’s Personal Journey

Zoey Tur‘s life took a significant turn in 2003 when her 23-year marriage to Marika Gerrard came to an end. The couple, who had two children together, Katy and James, faced a new chapter in their lives following the separation.

Katy Tur, now a prominent television news reporter and anchor, and James, who pursued a career in medicine, have continued to be a part of Zoey Tur’s life, despite the challenges that arose.

In June 2013, Zoey Tur made a courageous and public declaration, coming out as transgender. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of her journey towards self-acceptance and living authentically.

The following year, in 2014, Zoey Tur shared that she was undergoing hormone replacement therapy as part of her transition process. In August of the same year, following gender reassignment surgery, she sought legal recognition by applying to a court for a name and gender marker change, transitioning from male to female.

Reflecting on her transition during a 2017 interview, Zoey Tur emphasized that her experience was not political but a medical condition that required treatment. She expressed a sense of fulfillment, stating, “I’m cured. I’m done.” Additionally, she addressed misconceptions about being transgender, affirming that it is not a mental illness but rather a difference in brain structure.

Family Dynamics and Challenges

Zoey Tur’s transition had an impact on her relationship with her daughter, Katy Tur. In a 2017 interview, Zoey Tur revealed that Katy had become estranged from her during the transition.

However, Katy clarified that the estrangement was not solely due to the transition itself but rather a period of strained communication between them. Despite the challenges they faced, Katy Tur and Zoey Tur have worked to rebuild their relationship and move forward with a greater understanding and acceptance of one another.

Katy Tur’s Memoir and Reflections

The complex dynamics surrounding Zoey Tur’s transition and its effect on her family were explored in Katy Tur’s memoir, Rough Draft, published in 2022.

The memoir delves into Katy’s childhood experiences, highlighting both the adventurous and turbulent aspects of growing up with her parents. The book offers insights into the highs and lows of her upbringing, including the impact of violence that created an unstable environment.

Katy describes her childhood as “living on the edge of a knife” and addresses the challenges posed by her father’s transition. She emphasizes the need to confront and address the past in order to move forward and embrace a new chapter in their lives.

Zoey Tur’s Advocacy for Transgender Rights

As a prominent figure in the transgender community, Zoey Tur has actively advocated for transgender rights. In the summer of 2013, during a video chat with TMZ, she discussed the changes she experienced in her brain as a result of hormone replacement therapy, using piloting terms to explain the practical impact.

Her remarks were interpreted by TMZ as suggesting that women may not possess the same quick and decisive decision-making abilities as men when piloting aircraft, sparking debate and criticism from various individuals and organizations involved in transgender rights activism.

Zoey Tur’s Activism and Controversy

Zoey Tur’s advocacy for transgender rights has garnered both support and criticism. Critics, including Dana Beyer of Gender Rights Maryland, Shannon Minter of The National Center for Lesbian Rights, trans journalist Parker Marie Molloy, and trans blogger Mya Adriene Byrne, have voiced their differing perspectives and engaged in discussions surrounding Zoey Tur’s viewpoints.

In July 2015, during an appearance on Dr. Drew On Call, Zoey Tur faced a heated exchange with political commentator Ben Shapiro. Shapiro questioned

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