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Adriana Martinez Age, Biography, Husband, Parents – Salvador Ramos’ mother

Adriana Martinez Biography

Adriana Martinez is an American citizen widely searched for being the mother of Salvador Ramos, the 18-year-old high school student and Wendy’s fast-food worker who stormed a classroom at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, gunning down at least 19 students and two fourth-grade teachers on May 24, 2022.

Adriana Martinez Age

Adriana Martinez is over 35 years old as of 2022, she was born in the United States of America. She has been celebrating her birthday every year together with her family and friends. We are keeping tabs on Martinez’s age and will update this section with more information about her date of birth once available.

Adriana Martinez Husband

Adriana’s husband is not known to the public if she is married.

Juan Alvarez, 62, who has been in a relationship with Ramos’ mother for about a year and lives with her, said Ramos had a tumultuous relationship with his mother that often included fights.

Alvarez said Ramos left his mother’s home two months ago to live with his grandmother after he got into an intense argument with his mother after he disconnected the Wi-Fi.

He added that Ramos would shut down and leave whenever he tried to initiate a conversation.

“He was kind of a weird one. I never got along with him. I never socialized with him. He doesn’t talk to nobody,” he said. “When you try to talk to him he’d just sit there and walk away.”

Alvarez said Ramos had been acting aloof for a while but was “shocked” to learn that he was the gunman in Tuesday’s mass shooting.

“It’s wrong, man, it’s pretty bad. I feel sorry for the kids that died,” Alvarez said.

Ramos’ mother is in San Antonio visiting her mother who was hospitalized in critical condition after allegedly being shot by Ramos before he went to the school. She is expected to return to Uvalde on Wednesday afternoon, Alvarez said.

Rolando Reyes, Ramos’ grandfather, lived in the home with Ramos and his grandmother and said he did not know his grandson had guns in the house, according to an interview conducted in Spanish with the Associated Press.

The FBI was investigating the home on Wednesday while Reyes waited outside, the outlet reported.

Reyes told the outlet that he spoke to his grandson daily and “didn’t expect this” from Ramos, the Associated Press reported.

But Becky Flores, 54, who lives next door to Ramos’ mother and was Ramos’ Head Start teacher, described frequent tumult at the home.

Flores said there were many disturbances, including two months ago when eight police officers arrived the day Ramos left to stay with his grandmother.

Adriana Martinez Son

Salvador Ramos (full name, Salvador Rolando Ramos), who was born in North Dakota but raised in Uvalde, attended Uvalde High School before landing a job at Wendy’s.

When he turned 18, he legally purchased the guns he used in the shooting.

A new Texas law passed in September allowed those aged 18-21 who had a protective order and were at risk of family violence, stalking, prostitution, or sex trafficking to purchase firearms.

The law also eliminated the need for a handgun permit. Rifles were already legal in Texas without a permit.

Ramos’ social media was flooded with photos of his new guns, which he purchased on his 18th birthday, according to state senator Roland Gutierrez.

Salvador Ramos Age

Salvador Ramos was 18 years old as of 2022, he was born in 2003, in North Dakota.

Salvador Ramos Shooting

The 18-year-old who shot dead 19 young children and two of their teachers on Tuesday messaged an acquaintance on Instagram hours before the massacre and said: ‘I’m about to’.

Salvador Ramos was shot and killed by law enforcement at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, after he had murdered 21 people.

Ramos on May 12 messaged a Los Angeles-based woman he knew on Instagram, tagging her in a photo of the guns.

‘You gonna repost my gun pics,’ @sal8dor_ direct messaged her.

‘what your guns gotta do with me,’ she replied on Friday.

‘Just wanted to tag you,’ he said back.

Then at 5:43am on Tuesday, @salv8dor_ messaged her and said: ‘I’m about to’.

The girl asked ‘about to what’ to which he answered: ‘I’ll tell you before 11.’

He said he’d text her in an hour and urged her to respond.

‘I got a lil secret I wanna tell u,’ he messaged with a smiley face emoji covering its mouth.

‘Be grateful I tagged you,’ he wrote.

She replied: ‘No it’s just scary,’ adding: ‘I barely know you and you tag me in a picture with some guns?’

His last message at 9:16am on Tuesday was ‘Ima air out’.

The shooting started around 11:32am.

The woman reacted with horror when she learnt what he had done.

‘He’s a stranger I know nothing about him he decided to tag me in his gun post,’ she wrote.

‘I’m so sorry for the victims and their families I really don’t know what to say.’

She then added: ‘The only reason I responded to him was because I was afraid of him I wish I stayed awake to at least try to convince him to not commit his crime. I didn’t know.’

When an Instagram user asked if she was his girlfriend, she replied: ‘I don’t know him and I don’t even live in Texas.’

Robb Elementary School, which has 600 students enrolled, is located in the city of Uvalde, hometown of Matthew McConaughey, 60 miles east of the Mexican border and 80 miles west of San Antonio.

A school friend of Ramos’s said that he sent him the photos of his guns too.

‘He would message me here and there, and four days ago he sent me a picture of the AR he was using … and a backpack full of 5.56 rounds, probably like seven mags,’ the friend told CNN.

‘I was like, ‘bro, why do you have this?’ and he was like, ‘Don’t worry about it.’

‘He proceeded to text me, ‘I look very different now. You wouldn’t recognize me,’ he added.

The friend said Ramos was mocked by others for the clothes he wore and his family’s financial situation, and eventually was seen less in class.

He largely dropped out, and took the job at Wendy’s, where co-workers remember him as quiet.

Adrian Mendes, evening manager at the Wendy’s, said Ramos ‘kept to himself mostly.’

‘He felt like the quiet type, the one who doesn’t say much. He didn’t really socialize with the other employees,’ Mendes told CNN.

‘He just worked, got paid, and came in to get his check.’

Mendes said that he did not know Ramos well – he was already employed when Mendes began in February – and didn’t see him most of the time because they were on different shifts.

Ramos worked from 11am to 4pm or 5pm, five days a week.

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