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Jonah Frank King Age, Birthday, Parents (John King and Dana Bash), Siblings

Jonah Frank King Bio

Jonah Frank King is a well-known celebrity child, who gained fame due to his parents’ high-profile careers in the media industry.

His father, John King, is a highly respected news anchor who works for CNN and is based in Washington, D.C. He is the host of Inside Politics, a roundtable political discussion program that airs on CNN during the weekdays.

On the other hand, Jonah’s mother, Dana Bash, is a prominent journalist, news anchor, and chief political correspondent for CNN.

Both of Jonah’s parents have achieved great success in their respective careers, and Jonah has gained recognition due to his parents’ fame.

Jonah Frank King Age and Birthday

Jonah Frank King is 11 years of age as of 2022, he was born in 2011. He celebrates his birthday every year together with his parents and friends.

Jonah Frank King Parents

Jonah is the offspring of John King and Dana Bash, who are both journalists working at CNN. Jonah’s parents met while they were both working on assignments for the news network. It is likely that Jonah inherited his parents’ passion for journalism and their dedication to reporting the truth.

John King and Dana Bash are well-respected journalists in the industry, with a long history of providing accurate and thorough coverage of important events. As the son of such accomplished journalists, Jonah has likely had the opportunity to learn from their expertise and experience in the field.

After King’s divorce from Jean Makie was finalized, John began seeing his coworker, CNN chief political correspondent Dana Ruth Bash. Dana Bash, unlike Jean Makie, lives her life in full view of the public. She is also active on social media, where she posts both work and personal photos and videos for all to see.

Dana Bash, born Dana Ruth Schwartz, married John King after only a year of dating and the couple had a son. Dana had no children from her previous marriage, which lasted from 1998 to 2007. She was previously married to Jeremy Bash before their relationship fell apart.

Dana Bash’s marriage to John King also did not stand the test of time, withering and dying after only four years. But the best thing that came out of their marriage was a lone child who they both adore.

Despite the fact that their marriage has hit rock bottom, Dana and John remain friendly both on and off-screen. They appear to have mastered the art of co-parenting.

Now that we’ve learned everything there is to know about Dana Bash, it’s time to answer the big question. What is the connection between Dana Bash and Jean Makie? It’s difficult to tell if they have one.

However, given that they both have children by John King, it’s safe to assume that they have some sort of relationship. As previously stated, these celebrity families have so well covered their private lives that it’s difficult to tell what’s going on in their daily lives.


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