Tim Kano Neighbours Salary per Episode and Notable Net Worth

Tim Kano: Salary per Episode and Notable Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of around $1 million, Tim Kano has made a significant fortune through his successful acting career.

His talent and dedication have been instrumental in achieving financial success. Tim’s salary per episode amounts to $12,000, reflecting the value he brings to the show with his exceptional performances.

In 2021, Tim Kano made a triumphant return to Neighbours as Leo Tanaka, initially as a recurring guest character.

Later on, he was reintroduced to the show’s opening titles as a regular cast member, cementing his status as a vital part of the series.

photo of leo tanaka in neighbours
photo of leo tanaka in neighbours

As Neighbours makes its awaited return, fans can delight in the news that Tim Kano will once again be part of the permanent cast, portraying the beloved character of Leo Tanaka.

His character’s presence has resonated with the audience, and his return marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the show.

Taking to Instagram, Tim shared the news with his followers, stating, “It’s out. Leo’s back off the streets and onto Ramsay. Looking forward to the new chapter.

Couldn’t have done it without all your love, thank you.” This heartfelt message demonstrates Tim’s appreciation for the support he receives from his dedicated fan base and his genuine enthusiasm for being part of Neighbours.

As Tim Kano continues to grace the screen as Leo Tanaka, viewers can anticipate more captivating performances, further solidifying his place in the hearts of Neighbours enthusiasts worldwide.

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