Terry Saban, Nick Saban’s Wife American Football Coach, Net Worth, Bio, Age, Parents

Terry Saban Biography

Terry Saban is an American educator and philanthropist. Famous for being the wife of American football coach Nick Saban. The native of Fairmont, West Virginia, is a prime example of a devoted wife.

Nick’s career has been greatly influenced by Terry and she has helped her husband make career decisions. She is also Nick’s partner in philanthropy.
Nick Saban has been one of the most successful college football coaches in history and the most successful in the last ten years.

His wife of more than 45 years has been one of his biggest supporters, cheerleaders, and most trusted advisors over the course of his lengthy career, which has taken him from Michigan State to LSU to the Miami Dolphins to Alabama.

Terry Saban  Net Worth

Terry has an estimated net worth of $200 thousand. On the other hand her husband is the highest-paid college football coach in the world and many critics consider him to be the greatest college football coach in history. He has an estimated Net Worth of $70 Million.

In 2007, Terry and her husband spent $2.9 million on a home close to Tuscaloosa. 2013 saw Saban donate $3.1 million of his 8,700 square foot home to the Crimson Tide Foundation. This mansion was auctioned off by Saban in 2013 for just under $11 million.

Terry Saban  Age

Terry Saban was born on January 15, 1952 in Fairmont, West Virginia, United States. As of 2023 she is 71 years old. Saban was born under the sign of Capricorn.

Terry Saban Parents

Terry’s parents were Paul Eugene Constable (father) and Linda Jean Constable (mother) . Her sblings are Tina Lynn, Tracy Harr and Jamie Choquette.

She is a citizen of the United States and a member of the white ethnic group. She is a practicing Christian as well.

Terry Saban Husband

Terry is married to Nick Saban. When Nick and Terry decided to get married, they were both 21 years old. While the two were still in college, the wedding took place on December 18, 1971, during Christmas break. Terry has been a “great partner,” as Nick put it, and a “supportive wife.” In Alabama football circles, she is referred to as “Miss Terry”. Nick’s professional choices are greatly influenced by Terry.

She reviews all of Nick’s business-related calls and emails that his assistant has forwarded to her. The entire time Nick worked for “Louisiana State University” (LSU), Terry was frequently asked for advice on his professional choices. She even participates in player recruitment.

The ‘Alabama’ player Chris Black once admitted to the media that Terry had more influence over Nick’s career decisions than Nick did. She frequently attends Nick’s press conferences and applauds whenever he makes a statement that she agrees with.

When rumors of Nick’s transfer to Texas began to circulate toward the end of his final season with Alabama, Terry gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal where she expressed her resentment toward “Alabama” supporters. According to her, ‘Alabama’ had grown accustomed to winning thanks to Nick’s excellent coaching, which in turn had caused people to be ungrateful to Nick.

Terry Saban Career

Terry has given her unwavering love and support to her husband’s charitable endeavors in addition to supporting his career. She actively participates in a number of good causes across the nation. ‘Nick’s Kids Fund’ is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Terry and Nick. The trust was established by the two in 1998, when Nick was working as a coach at “Michigan State University.” In memory of Nick’s late father, the charity fund was started.

Since that time, the Saban couple has continued to support the cause even after relocating to concentrate on their careers at “Louisiana State University,” “Miami Dolphins,” and now at “University of Alabama.” The nonprofit organization works to raise money to support families, educators, and institutions of higher learning that deal with children with mental disabilities.

In addition to using their charity to raise money, Nick and Terry personally gave $1 million to the University of Alabama’s First Generation Scholarship. The “St. Francis Saban Student Center” at the “St. Francis Catholic Church” counts them among its major sponsors. ‘Nick’s Kids Foundation’ finished its four main projects with the help of Nick and Terry.

The community has received $7 million from the foundation.
While Nick was the ‘Dolphins’ coach in Miami in 2005, Terry assisted and contributed to the Hurricane Katrina relief fund. In order to raise money for the relief effort, Terry collaborated with cheerleaders, former “Dolphins” players and the wives of players and coaches.

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