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Mina Kimes Bio

Mina Kimes is an investigative journalist. Her areas of expertise are business and sports reporting. Mina has contributed to Bloomberg News, Fortune and ESPN. She also works as a senior writer at ESPN and an NFL analyst on NFL Live.

Mina Kimes Wife

In the year 2015 Kimes embarked on a significant personal journey by entering into the bond of matrimony with Nick Sylvester. Their union is a celebration of love, commitment and partnership, marking the beginning of a shared life together.

Marriage often signifies a profound connection and for the couple, it is a commitment to navigating life’s journey hand in hand. The decision to share their lives reflects a shared vision for the future, where mutual support, understanding and companionship play integral roles.

Lenny, their dog, accompanies them to Los Angeles. Kimes announced her pregnancy on Twitter during the ESPYs in July 2023.

Mina Kimes Net Worth

Kimes has an estimated net worth of $700 Thousand. Her job career is her main source of income. Having worked in the industry for quite some time now, she  has been able to secure a decent fortune for herself.

Mina Kimes Salary

Kimes receives a respectable wage from her job as a journalist. She receives an average annual salary of $90 Thousand which translates to a monthly salary of $7,500.

Year 2023 2024
Mina Kimes Salary $90 Thousand $95 Thousand
Mina Kimes Net Worth $700 Thousand $800 Thousand

Mina Kimes Age

Kimes was born on September 8, 1985 in Omaha, Nebraska, U.S. As of 2023 he is 38 years old.

Mina Kimes Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Kimes stands proudly at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters or 165 centimeters). She exhibits an exquisite balance in her physique. Weighing approximately 62kg (136 lbs), her body measurements are enviable.

By maintaining this height and weight, she demonstrates a dedication to maintaining a healthy balance in his life, which can contribute to her overall well-being and quality of life. These physical attributes are a reflection of her choices and commitment to a lifestyle that values both physical and mental health.

Mina Kimes Parents

Kimes had the foundation of her upbringing rooted in Omaha, Nebraska. Born and raised in this Midwestern city, Kimes’ formative years were shaped by the influence of her devoted parents. Her father was a captain in the American Air Force. Her mother’s side of the family is Korean. She relocated to Arizona with her family when she was a teenager.

Growing up in Omaha, Kimes likely experienced the warmth of a close-knit community and the values instilled by her family. Her parents, known for their dedication, played an instrumental role in providing the support and guidance necessary for Kimes to pursue her interests and aspirations.

Mina Kimes Education

Kimes educational journey includes a foundation laid at Mesquite High School in Gilbert, Arizona, where she pursued her high school diploma. During this formative period,she likely engaged in a diverse range of academic and extracurricular activities, setting the stage for her future endeavors.

Following her high school education, she  continued her pursuit of knowledge at the prestigious University of Yale. In 2007, she graduated with distinction, earning a Bachelor of Arts in English. Yale, renowned for its academic rigor and intellectual environment, provided Kimes with a platform to explore and deepen her understanding of literature, language, and critical thinking.

The completion of her Bachelor’s degree reflects Kimes’ dedication to academic excellence and intellectual pursuits. Her time at Yale, an institution known for fostering a rich and vibrant educational experience, likely contributed to the development of her analytical skills and the cultivation of a well-rounded perspective.

Mina Kimes Career

Award-winning journalist Mina Kimes works for ESPN as a television contributor, podcast host, senior writer, and NFL analyst. Her profile has gradually increased on all of ESPN The Magazine’s multimedia platforms digital and print, television, radio, and podcasts since she joined the company in 2014.

She joined NFL Live, ESPN’s daily news and information program, in June 2020 after being named an NFL analyst. Along with regularly contributing to Debatable, ESPN’s daily digital show, and Around the Horn, she also provides football analysis on Get Up, SportsCenter, First Take, and other platforms.

At the forefront of ESPN’s podcasting endeavors has been Kimes. In October 2019, she debuted the ESPN Daily podcast and is the host of The Mina Kimes Show featuring Lenny football podcast.

She is the first host of ESPN Daily, continues to contribute during the NFL offseason.She is a well-known author who has contributed numerous noteworthy features to ESPN. When ESPN The Magazine moved to a new digital format in October 2019, she wrote the first ESPN Cover Story, which was the amazing survival story of NFL wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and his mother.

Her numerous noteworthy cover stories for ESPN The Magazine featured NFL players like Aaron Rodgers, Von Miller, Baker Mayfield, and Antonio Brown. In addition, Kimes has taken a lot of trips for high-profile pieces on Korean bat flips, NBA Draft hopeful Luka Doncic, and esports.

Prior to that, Kimes co-hosted The Morning Roast, a national weekend show on ESPN Radio that she co-founded with Domonique Foxworth and Clinton Yates in January 2017. Additionally, since 2018, she has contributed to special ESPN live Twitter shows, such as the NFL Draft coverage on ESPN Digital. Before joining ESPN, she wrote business articles for Fortune Magazine (2007–2013) and worked as an investigative reporter for Bloomberg News (2013). She covered everything from tainted drugs to arms exports.


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