Matteo Bonetti ESPN Net Worth, Salary, Bio, Age, Parents, Wife, Career

Matteo Bonetti Biography

Matteo Bonetti is a well known American journalist famous for being a sports media personality. As a soccer analyst for international soccer and marquee international tournaments, he joined ESPN in August 2018.

He contributes insight on Serie A and other European leagues as a studio analyst for ESPN FC, the daily soccer news and analysis program exclusive on ESPN+.

Matteo Bonetti Net Worth

Matteo  has an estimated net worth of $700 Thousand. His job career is his main source of income. Having worked in the industry for quite some time now, he has been able to secure a decent fortune for himself.

Matteo Bonetti Salary

Matteo receives a respectable wage from his job. He receives an average annual salary of $60 Thousand which translates to a monthly salary of $5,000Thousand .

Year 2023 2024
Bonetti Matteo Salary $60 Thousand $65 Thousand
Bonetti Matteo Net Worth  $700  Thousand   $800  Thousand

Matteo Bonetti Age

Matteo was born on October 9, 1988 in the Italian city of Milan. As of 2023 he is 35 years old.

Matteo Bonetti Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Matteo  stands proudly at a height of 6 feet 4 inches(1.93 cm), he exhibits an exquisite balance in his physique. Weighing approximately 107kg (236lbs), his body measurements are an enviable 34-28-38 centimeters.

Matteo Bonetti Parents

Matteo was born in the Italian city of Milan. When he was five years old, his family moved to Miami, Florida in the United States of America, where they have since spent nearly 27 years. His ethnicity is Italian-American. His sister who is 21 years younger than him.

Matteo Bonetti Wife

Matteo, a married man, is known for being exceptionally discreet when it concerns his personal life. He carefully guards the details of his marital status, choosing to keep this aspect of his life away from the public eye. His commitment to maintaining privacy is unwavering and as a result, there is limited information available about the identity of his wife.

In addition to his enigmatic approach to his marital status, there is also no public knowledge about whether Matteo and his spouse have children. This aspect of his personal life is also a closely guarded secret, with no official information or public announcements regarding parenthood.

Matteo’s dedication to preserving the privacy of his personal life is a testament to his respect for boundaries and his desire to shield his loved ones from unnecessary public scrutiny. Although the details remain concealed for now, any updates or changes regarding this aspect of his life will be shared with the public at the appropriate time, should Matteo choose to disclose them. Until then, his personal life remains a captivating enigma, leaving those curious about his family life in anticipation of future revelations.

Matteo Bonetti Education

Matteo graduated with a bachelor’s degree from a renowned state university in the United States, earning this esteemed academic achievement after several years of diligent study and hard work.

His educational journey was marked by a strong commitment to excellence and a deep passion for learning, which ultimately culminated in the successful completion of his undergraduate program.

This significant milestone in his life signifies not only the acquisition of valuable knowledge but also the development of crucial life skills and the cultivation of a broad intellectual perspective. Matte’s bachelor’s degree is a testament to his dedication and determination, serving as a solid foundation upon which he can now build a promising and fulfilling future.

Matteo Bonetti Career

As a soccer analyst for international soccer and important international tournaments, Matteo Bonetti joined ESPN in August 2018. He contributes insight on Serie A and other European leagues as a studio analyst for ESPN FC, the daily soccer news and analysis program available only on ESPN+.

From 2008 to 2012, the year he joined the new beIN Sport, Bonetti was an ESPN employee first, working as a soccer writer for

At beIN Sport, Bonetti covered major European leagues, international football, and important competitions like the FIFA World Cup, Copa America, Africa Cup of Nations, and UEFA European Football Championship as a studio analyst, host, color commentator, and play-by-play announcer.

He traveled to Qatar in 2016 to serve as the English-language studio host for beIN Sport’s coverage of the UEFA EURO 2016.

In addition, Bonetti has provided play-by-play commentary for TNT at FIFA 19 eSports competitions. He also serves as the host and executive producer of the weekly podcast Serie A CalcioCast.

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