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Roxy Bernstein Biography

Allen Samuel “Roxy” Bernstein well known as Roxy Bernstein is an American journalist famous for being a sports media personality. He currently works as a sportscaster for ESPN, the Pac-12 Network, and the Oakland Athletics, broadcasting college football and basketball play-by-play.

Additionally, he has voiced the men’s basketball team for the California Golden Bears on the IMG Sports/Cal Basketball Radio Network in the past.

Roxy Bernstein  Net Worth

Bernstein has an estimated net worth of $800 thousand. His job career is his main source of income. Having worked in the industry for quite some time now, he  has been able to secure a decent fortune for himself.

Roxy Bernstein Salary

Bernstein receives a respectable wage from his job. He receives an average annual salary of $70 Thousand  which translates to a monthly salary of $5,166.

Year 2023 2024
Roy Bernstein Salary $70 thousand $80 thousand
Ray Bentley Net Worth  $800 thousand   $850 thousand

Roxy Bernstein  Age

Roxy Bernstein was born on September 25, 1972 in San Francisco, California, U.S. As of 2023 he is 51 years old.

Roxy Bernstein Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Roxy Bernstein  stands proudly at a height of 6 feet 4 inches(1.85 cm), he exhibits an exquisite balance in his physique. Weighing approximately 76kg (167lbs), his body measurements are an enviable 34-28-38 centimeters.

Roxy Bernstein Parents

Roxy Bernstein was born in San Francisco, California and raised in the Peninsula in the Bay Area, USA by his parents. We tried to learn more about his family, but were unsuccessful because no such information is available in the public.

Therefore, it is still unknown who his parents are. Furthermore, it is unknown if he has any siblings. Once the information is available, we will update this section.

Roxy Bernstein Wife

Bernstein the accomplished individual is a married man; however, he has maintained an exceptional level of privacy when it comes to his personal life. He has chosen to shield his family from the prying eyes of the public, and as a result, there is limited information available regarding the identity of his wife or any details about their family life.

As of the present, there is no concrete information regarding whether  Bernstein and his wife have children. Any details about their family structure remain undisclosed, and Bernstein has been resolute in safeguarding this aspect of his life.

It is essential to respect his choice to maintain this privacy and refrain from prying into his personal affairs. If, at any point in the future,  Bernstein decides to share more about his personal life, the information will be updated, keeping the public informed with the utmost respect for his preferences and boundaries.

Roxy Bernstein Education

After successfully completing his education at Pinewood School in Los Altos, California,  Bernstein continued his academic journey at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. At UC Berkeley, he immersed himself in the world of academia, ultimately earning a bachelor’s degree in American Studies.

During his time at UC Berkeley, Bernstein delved into the diverse and multidisciplinary field of American Studies, which encompasses a wide range of subjects, including history, literature, culture, and social dynamics. His studies provided him with a deep and comprehensive understanding of the United States, its rich history, and the various aspects that define the American experience.

Roxy Bernstein Career

In 2011, Bernstein began working for ESPN as a play-by-play commentator for men’s college basketball. Since then, he has added college football and women’s college basketball to his list of duties. Additionally, he calls bowl games and Major League Baseball games for ESPN Radio. Additionally, Bernstein provides play-by-play for the basketball, football, and baseball broadcasts on the Pac-12 Network. From 1997 to 2014, he served as the voice of the Cal Golden Bears basketball team, which is also a legacy of his alma mater.

Along with 1992 Heisman Trophy winner Gino Torretta, Bernstein also broadcasts national college football games on the Touchdown Radio Network. During his time at Cal (FM), Bernstein broadcast baseball, football, men’s and women’s basketball, and other sports as the sports director of the student radio station KALX.

Bernstein was hired as the voice of Cal basketball at the age of 23, having previously worked as the backup announcer and pregame and postgame host the season before. Bernstein broadcasts the Oakland Athletics frequently and hosts a talk show on KGMZ 95.7 FM. Over the years, he has performed play-by-play commentary for the Miami Marlins, San Francisco Giants, and San Jose Sharks.

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