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Rachel Maddow Salary 2023

Rachel Maddow receives an annual salary of approximately $20 million and a monthly salary of $1.6 million. she is an American television news program host and liberal political commentator.

Rachel Maddow hosts The Rachel Maddow Show, a weekly television show on MSNBC, and serves as the cable network’s special event co-anchor alongside Brian Williams.

Year Salary Per Year Salary Per Month
2023 $20.29 million $1.6 million
2024 $22.25 million $1.7 million
2025 $22.13 million $990,969
2026 $23.21 million $809,120
2027 $25.89 million $799,035

Rachel Maddow Net Worth 2023

Rachel Maddow is estimated to have a net worth of $90.5 million at present. She has accumulated her net worth with the versatility she has shown in each field she has worked in.

Her main source of income is her career as a show host and political commentator. As she progresses in her career, her net worth is projected to rise.

Year Net Worth
2023 $90.5 Million
2024 $94.8 Million
2025 $98.1 Million
2026 $105.5 Million
2027 $103.2 Million

Rachel Maddow Bio

Rachel Anne Maddow (born April 1, 1973) is a liberal political commentator and host of an American television news program.

Maddow co-hosts The Rachel Maddow Show, a weekly MSNBC television show, and is the cable network’s special event co-anchor alongside Brian Williams. From 2005 to 2010, her syndicated talk radio show of the same name aired on Air America Radio.

Maddow has received numerous Emmy Awards for her broadcasting work, as well as a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album for her book Blowout (2019) in 2021.

Maddow is the first openly lesbian anchor to host a major prime-time news program in the United States. She has a bachelor’s degree in public policy from Stanford University and a doctorate in political science from Oxford University.

When asked about her political views, Maddow told the Valley Advocate, “I’m undoubtedly a liberal, which means I’m almost entirely in agreement with the Eisenhower-era Republican Party platform.”

Rachel Maddow Age

Rachel is 50 years old as of 2023; she was born on April 1, 1973, in Castro Valley, California, in the United States, as Rachel Anne Maddow.

She celebrates her birthday every year with her family and close friends. Her zodiac sign is Aries.

Year 2023 2024
Rachel Maddow Age 50 years 51 years

Rachel Maddow Parents, Education

Maddow was born in the California town of Castro Valley.

Her father, Robert B. Maddow, is a retired United States Air Force captain who worked as a lawyer for the East Bay Municipal Utility District after resigning from his commission the year before her birth.

Elaine (née Gosse), her mother, was a school program administrator. David, her older brother, is her only sibling.

Her paternal grandfather came from a Jewish family (the original surname was “Medvedof”) who immigrated to the United States from the Russian Empire.

Her paternal grandmother was from the Netherlands. Maddow’s Canadian mother is of English and Irish ancestry and was born in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Maddow’s family is “very, very Catholic,” and she grew up in a “very conservative” community, according to her mother. Maddow was a competitive athlete in high school, participating in volleyball, basketball, and swimming.

In high school, Maddow described herself as “a cross between the jock and the antisocial girl” in reference to John Hughes films. She attended Stanford University after graduating from Castro Valley High School.

She was outed as a lesbian as a freshman by the college newspaper, which published an interview with her before she could tell her parents. In 1994, she graduated from Stanford with a degree in public policy. She received the John Gardner Fellowship upon graduation.

She received a Rhodes Scholarship and began her postgraduate studies at Lincoln College, Oxford, in 1995. The same year, she was also awarded a Marshall Scholarship, which she declined in favor of Rhodes.

As a result, she became the first openly lesbian Rhodes Scholar. She received her Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in politics from the University of Oxford in 2001.

Her supervisor was Lucia Zedner, and her thesis was titled HIV/AIDS and Health Care Reform in British and American Prisons.

Rachel Maddow Partner and Health

Maddow lives in Manhattan, New York, with her partner, artist Susan Mikula, and in West Cummington, Massachusetts. They met in 1999, while Maddow was working on her doctorate.

Maddow has struggled with cyclical depression since she was a teenager. “It doesn’t take away from my joy, my work, or my energy,” she said in a 2012 interview, “but coping with depression is something that is part of the everyday way that I live and have lived for as long as I can remember.”

She explained in interviews why she chose to speak about it: “It was a difficult decision… Because it was nobody’s business.” But learning about people who were surviving and living good lives despite their depression had been beneficial to me. So I felt a bit of a responsibility to repay that.” “There are three things I do to stay sane: I exercise, I sleep – I’m a good sleeper – and I fish,” Maddow said. Maddow revealed to viewers in 2021 that she had surgery to remove a cancerous skin growth from her neck.

Rachel Maddow Daughter

Maddow’s daughter’s identity is not publicly known if she has any. Her age is not known to the public. Details about Rachel Maddow’s daughter will be updated as soon as we have them from a credible source.

Susan Mikula

Susan Mikula (born March 7, 1958) is a photographer and artist from the United States. Mikula had her first solo photography exhibition in 1998, after years of working in the art industry and serving on an art jury.

She creates her photographs using vintage technology such as pinhole cameras and Polaroid cameras. Mikula has been married to political commentator Rachel Maddow for many years.

Susan Mikula Age

Susan Mikula is 65 years old as of 2023, she was born on March 7, 1958, in New Jersey, the United States as Susan Mikula. She celebrates her birthday every year with her family and close friends, her zodiac sign is Pisces.

Year 2022 2023
Susan Mikula Age 64 years 65 years

Susan Mikula Early Life

Susan Mikula was born in New Jersey and moved to New Hampshire as a child. She began learning photography at a young age. Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts was her alma mater.

Susan Mikula Net Worth 2023

Susan Mikula is estimated to have a net worth of $2.5 million dollars at present. She has accumulated her net worth with her versatility in each field she has worked in.

Mikula worked in the art industry for several years, including time on an art jury. She had her first solo exhibition in 1998.

Her published landscape photography collections have been shown in solo and group shows in New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. In 2007, Mikula displayed “large-scale digital Duraflex prints” at the New York State House.

She opened her first show in New York in 2008. Mikula had an exhibition at the TJ Walton Gallery in Provincetown in 2009, which was attended by Rachel Maddow and Suzanne Westenhoefer.

Mikula’s first photography show, American Device Recent Photographs, took place in San Francisco in 2010.

A year later, Mikula released American Bond, a three-part industrial landscape series. These images of America ranged from Texas to California to Massachusetts.

Her u.X series from 2013 was inspired by the Lascaux cave paintings. Mikula released Photo Book, a series of psychologically enigmatic pigment prints, in 2015.

The Ferrin Gallery also featured Mikula’s Pittsfield-focused photography galleries. Mikula has been a part of the Art in Embassies program for the US Consulate in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, since 2017, creating site-specific works for the organization.

Some of Mikula’s works were purchased for the Permanent Collections of the United States Embassy Art in Embassies (Nuevo Laredo, Mexico).

Susan Mikula Husband-Partner

Mikula has been married to current MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow for many years. They first met in 1999, while Maddow was finishing her doctoral dissertation.

Mikula hired Maddow to work on her yard, and the two began dating. Their first date was at the National Rifle Association’s “Ladies Day on the Range” event.

They live in a pre-Civil War farmhouse in Western Massachusetts and an apartment in Manhattan’s West Village. Rachel Maddow revealed in November 2020 that Mikula had COVID-19 and had recovered.

Mikula’s sister is a Boston medical photographer.

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