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Laura Moody Salary FOX 13, Net Worth: A Beloved Morning News Anchor and Community Advocate

Laura Moody Salary and Net Worth

Laura Moody, the esteemed morning news anchor for Good Day Tampa Bay, has become a familiar face in households across the Tampa Bay area.

With a salary of $152,200 per year and a net worth of $0.75 million, Moody has established herself as a trusted and cherished member of the FOX 13 news team. Her genuine passion for journalism and dedication to the community make her an invaluable asset to viewers.

Early Career and Journey to FOX 13

Florida State University and Sarasota Beginnings

Laura Moody’s journey in broadcast journalism began at Florida State University, where she obtained her degree. She kick-started her career just down the road in Sarasota, working for the New York Times-owned station SNN. This experience laid the foundation for her future success in the industry.

Joining the FOX 13 Family

Moody’s professional path led her to FOX 13 in 2006, where she initially served as the weekend morning anchor alongside the beloved Bill Murphy.

Over the years, she has seamlessly transitioned into her role as the morning news anchor for Good Day Tampa Bay, co-anchoring with Russell Rhodes.

Moody deeply values the strong sense of camaraderie and family that exists within the FOX 13 news team, a sentiment shared by viewers who feel a genuine connection with the anchors.

Reporting Highlights and Adventures

Exciting Encounters with the Military

Laura Moody’s career has afforded her incredible opportunities to cover captivating stories. One highlight includes her interactions with the brave men and women at MacDill Air Force Base.

She has embarked on thrilling experiences, such as skydiving with the Special Operations Command’s Parachute Team from a CV-22 Osprey, riding along with the KC-135 Air Refueling Squadron, and witnessing the breathtaking Bay Area views from a Blackhawk helicopter.

Most recently, she had the honor of riding with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, experiencing the intense 7Gs that fighter pilots encounter. These encounters have given her a profound appreciation for the dedication and sacrifices made by those who serve in the military.

Sports Enthusiasm and Reporting

Laura Moody’s love for sports shines through her reporting. She is an avid fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning and supports the Rays. In 2008, she traveled to snowy Philadelphia to cover the American League Championship Series and the team’s pursuit of the World Series.

Moody’s dedication to providing comprehensive sports coverage demonstrates her commitment to keeping viewers informed and engaged.

Good Day Grads and Kid Wit Segments

Moody takes great joy in covering stories that celebrate the accomplishments of others. The Good Day Grads segments allow her to share the stories of high school seniors on the cusp of graduation, highlighting their perseverance, resilience, and notable achievements.

Additionally, the Kid Wit segment, inspired by Art Linkletter’s iconic interviews with children, brings unpredictable and heartwarming conversations with second- and third-graders.

The spontaneous and often humorous interactions with children create magical and memorable moments for viewers.

Community Involvement and Advocacy

March of Dimes and Co-Chair of March for Babies

Laura Moody’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond her role as a journalist. She is actively involved with the March of Dimes organization, serving as the co-chair of the March for Babies event.

Moody’s dedication to supporting this cause demonstrates her compassion and advocacy for the health and well-being of mothers and babies.


Laura Moody’s role as the morning news anchor for Good Day Tampa Bay has solidified her place in the hearts of viewers throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Her dedication to delivering informative and engaging news, along with her involvement in community initiatives, showcases her commitment to making a positive impact.

Moody’s enthusiasm for sports, heartwarming storytelling, and genuine connection with viewers have earned her a special place within the FOX 13 family.

As she continues to wake up early and be a constant presence in viewers’ mornings, Laura Moody remains committed to being a part of the moments, big and small, that shape the vibrant and wonderful community she serves.

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