Rosalind Russell’s son: Lance Brisson Today, Age, Wife, Kids and Net Worth

Lance Brisson Wikipedia and Biography

Lance Brisson is an American celebrity kid (now aged adult) widely known for being the son of Rosalind Russell and Frederick Brisson.

Photo of Young Lance
Photo of Young Lance

Lance Brisson Today, Lance Brisson Age

Where is Lance Brisson? Lance is now 79 years of age as of 2022, he was born on May 7, 1943, in Los Angeles County, California, the United States. He celebrates his birthday every year on May 7 with his family and friends.

Year 2021 2022
Lance Brisson Age 78 years 79 years

Lance Brisson Height

Brisson stands at an average height of 5 ft 7 in (Approx 1.7m) he has moderate weight.

Lance Brisson Family

Frederick Brisson and Rosalind Russell had Lance Brisson on May 7, 1943. Frederick was a well-known actor and producer, and Rosalind was a well-known actress.

Lance Brisson Wife

Lance married Patricia Morrow, an actress, on March 15, 1975, when he was 31 years old. In 1982, they divorced.

Patricia was a television actress who appeared in shows such as Leave It to Beaver, My Three Sons, and Perry Mason. She was born on February 17, 1944. She also appeared in supporting roles in films such as Ma and Pa Kettle at Home (1954), Artists and Models (1955), The Bad Seed (1956), and The Wrong Man (1957). (1956). Her most famous role, however, was on the television show “Peyton Place” from 1965 to 1969. She then appeared in the sequel “Return to Peyton Place” from 1972 to 1974. She made her final appearance on screen in 1985 on “Peyton Place: The Next Generation,” the show’s final iteration.

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Patricia went on to become a lawyer and adopted a baby girl after her divorce from Lance.

Lance Brisson Occupation

Brisson is a former executive director of California’s Business Labor Council.

Lance Brisson Net Worth

Lance is estimated to have a net worth of $3 million dollars at present. He has accumulated his net worth with the versatility he has shown in each field he has worked in. His main source of earning is from his inheritance.

Patricia Morrow Bio, Wiki

Patricia Morrow (born February 17, 1944) is a former actress who is best known for portraying Rita Jacks, a waif-like character on the primetime soap opera Peyton Place from 1965 to 1969.

Patricia Morrow Today, Patricia Morrow Age

Patricia is 78 years now (2022) she was born on February 17, 1944, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Is Patricia Morrow still alive?

Morrow is alive and in good health despite her advanced age.


Morrow was best known for her work on television, which she began in 1953 with the role of Constance Philbrick in I Led 3 Lives. She also appeared in films such as Ma and Pa Kettle at Home (1954), Artists and Models (1955), The Bad Seed (1956), and The Wrong Man (1957). (1956).

Morrow went on to have supporting roles in films and guest appearances on television shows such as Leave It to Beaver, My Three Sons, and Perry Mason in the 1960s. In 1964, she landed her first and only leading role in a film, Surf Party, a musical. When she landed the role of Rita Jacks in the soap opera Peyton Place, she gained even more fame.

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She played the role for four years, from 1965 to 1969, despite only being hired for a few episodes. Morrow became a huge hit with the audience during the show’s run.

Return to Peyton Place saw Morrow reprise the role from 1972 to 1974. She initially turned down the part, claiming she couldn’t work five days a week on the show while also attending law school. She did, however, accept a two-day-a-week contract, and she justified her return by saying, “I really can’t turn down money.” I need to make the most of my current earning potential.

Morrow made her final screen appearance in 1985, in the made-for-television film Peyton Place: The Next Generation, in which she reprised her role as Rita Jacks.

Following the demise of Peyton Place, Morrow immersed himself in volunteer work with kids on probation in a Los Angeles ghetto, inspired by visits to Vietnam. She expressed her motivation in the following way: “Those kids require a role model. ‘You can do whatever you want, be whatever you want,’ someone to say. The majority of them do not believe they are capable of doing anything. Only through organizations such as the Legal Aid Society do young people learn about resources — where to go and how to get there.”

Morrow became interested in political and legal leverage while volunteering. During her time on Return to Peyton Place, she enrolled in Glendale University College of Law, from which she graduated[dubious – discuss].

Morrow had this to say about her political contribution: “I’m interested in seeing how well the democratic process works. I’d like to see if it’s possible. I believe that untrained officeholders are to blame for many of our problems, and I despise the fact that most politicians are clueless about local issues.”

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Patricia Morrow Net Worth

Morrow is estimated to have a net worth of $2.2 million dollars at present. She has accumulated her net worth with the versatility she has shown in each field she has worked in. Her main source of earning is from her acting career. As she progresses in her career, her net worth is projected to rise.

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