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Jim Handly NBC 4 Salary and Net Worth 2023, Wife and Age

Jim Handly Salary

Jim Handly’s salary is $142 thousand every year and gets a monthly salary of $12,800, he is an American journalist working as a news anchor, he anchors News4 at 6 and News4 at 11 for NBC4.

Year 2023 2024
Jim Handly Salary $142 thousand $155 thousand
Jim Handly Net Worth $1 million $1.8 million

Jim Handly Net Worth

Jim Handly is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million dollars at present. He has accumulated his net worth with the versatility he has shown in each field he has worked in. His main source of earnings is from his media career. As he progresses in his career, his net worth is projected to rise.

Jim Handly Bio: A Veteran News Anchor and Community Advocate

Jim Handly is a highly regarded American journalist known for his exceptional work as a news anchor for NBC4. With his commanding presence and extensive experience, Handly has become a familiar face to viewers, anchoring the esteemed News4 at 6 and News4 at 11.

A Tenured Career at NBC4:

Jim Handly’s association with NBC4 dates back to 1992 when he joined the network. During his tenure, he played a crucial role in launching two significant newscasts, including the weekend editions of News4 Today, as well as the region’s first 4 p.m. newscast, which he anchored for an impressive 20 years.

Additionally, Handly spent 17 years anchoring News4 at 5 before taking on the role of anchor for News4 at 11 in 2016. His longevity in the industry and his dedication to his craft have solidified his position as a trusted source of news for the Washington, D.C., audience.

Covering Major Events and Receiving Acclaim:

Jim Handly’s career has taken him far beyond the studio walls, as he has reported from various locations around the globe, including the Middle East, Russia, and the Caribbean.

In addition to his international assignments, Handly has been actively involved in covering significant breaking news stories in the Washington, D.C., area. Over the years, he has covered seven inaugurations, countless election nights, and four U.S. papal visits, showcasing his versatility as a journalist. As a Florida native, Handly has also reported on numerous hurricanes, utilizing his firsthand experience and understanding of these powerful storms.

In recognition of his exceptional work, Handly has received multiple Emmy Awards throughout his career. These accolades serve as a testament to his commitment to delivering accurate and impactful news to viewers.

Moreover, Handly has had the opportunity to cover prestigious events such as the Olympics, the Super Bowl, and, most notably, the championship celebrations of the Washington Nationals and Capitals, fostering a deep connection with the local sports community.

Community Involvement and Advocacy:

Beyond his professional responsibilities, Jim Handly is deeply engaged in various organizations and charitable initiatives throughout the Washington, D.C., area.

He has been an active supporter of the Washington Tennis and Education Foundation, the Humane Rescue Alliance, the Junior Tennis Champions Center in Maryland, and Thanks USA, an organization dedicated to providing scholarships to families of military soldiers.

Additionally, for over 20 years, Handly has hosted the Blue Bird Blues Festival in Prince George’s County, showcasing his commitment to celebrating local arts and culture.

Personal Life and Hobbies:

Outside of his news anchoring duties, Jim Handly leads an active and fulfilling personal life. As a competitive tennis player, he actively participates in charity tennis events, leveraging his passion for the sport to make a positive impact in the community.

During his downtime, Handly enjoys engaging in outdoor activities such as biking and kayaking, taking advantage of the natural beauty and recreational opportunities in the Washington, D.C., region. Moreover, he has a keen interest in exploring the vibrant coffeehouse scene and farmers markets, immersing himself in the local culinary culture.


Jim Handly currently resides in Washington, D.C., where he embraces the dynamic energy and rich history of the nation’s capital. His presence in the city reflects his commitment to delivering accurate news and his deep connection to the community he serves.

In summary, Jim Handly is a highly accomplished news anchor with a longstanding career at NBC4. With his dedicated anchoring roles, extensive coverage of major events, and recognition through Emmy Awards, Handly has solidified his position as a trusted and respected journalist.

Beyond his professional endeavors, he actively engages in community involvement, showcasing his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the newsroom.

Handly’s dedication to various organizations, including the Washington Tennis and Education Foundation and the Humane Rescue Alliance, demonstrates his belief in giving back and supporting causes that align with his values.

As a passionate advocate for education, Handly has been actively involved with the Junior Tennis Champions Center in Maryland, where he contributes to nurturing young talent and fostering a love for tennis. Additionally, his support for Thanks USA showcases his commitment to helping military families by providing scholarships, acknowledging the sacrifices they make for their country.

For over two decades, Handly has been the esteemed host of the Blue Bird Blues Festival in Prince George’s County. This annual event not only celebrates the rich blues heritage but also brings together the community, promoting local talent and fostering a sense of unity.

Off-camera, Handly finds joy in his personal pursuits. As an avid tennis player, he not only enjoys the competition but also uses his skills to participate in charity tennis events, raising funds for causes close to his heart. Furthermore, he takes advantage of the region’s natural beauty by biking and kayaking, allowing him to recharge and appreciate the outdoors.

With his warm and engaging demeanor, Handly embodies the essence of a journalist deeply rooted in his community. His passion for storytelling and dedication to community involvement have made him a respected figure in the Washington, D.C., area.

Jim Handly’s unwavering commitment to delivering accurate news, his involvement in community organizations, and his passion for both sports and charitable endeavors make him a well-rounded journalist.

His continued presence in Washington, D.C., reflects his love for the city and his desire to serve the community he calls home. Through his anchoring, community involvement, and personal pursuits, Handly has become a beloved and trusted figure, leaving a lasting impact on the local news landscape and the lives of those he reaches.

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