Haley Hinds

Haley Hinds Salary and Net Worth: A Seasoned Anchor with a Passion for Journalism

Haley Hinds Salary and Net Worth

Haley Hinds, an accomplished journalist and co-anchor of the FOX 13 evening newscasts at 5 & 11 p.m., brings her expertise and enthusiasm to the Tampa Bay area.

With a salary of $154,500 per year and a net worth of $1 million, Hinds has established herself as a respected figure in the field of broadcast journalism.

  • Salary: $154,500 per year
  • Net Worth: $1 million

Early Influences and Education – Pittsburgh Roots and Career Aspirations

Haley Hinds discovered her passion for TV news during an eighth-grade field trip to KDKA-TV in her hometown of Pittsburgh. The experience left a lasting impression, setting her on a path towards a career in broadcast journalism.

In 2008, she graduated from Waynesburg University with a B.A. in Communication/Electronic Media, laying the foundation for her successful journey in the industry.

Professional Journey and Reporting Highlights – Embracing Florida and Reporting in Fort Myers

Although Hinds grew up in the rolling hills of southwestern Pennsylvania, she has found a true sense of belonging in the vibrant and adventure-filled state of Florida.

Prior to joining the FOX 13 News team in October 2014, Hinds spent five years reporting and anchoring at WINK News in Fort Myers. During her time there, she covered a wide range of stories that took her across the state.

Notable assignments included reporting on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in Pensacola and experiencing the execution of Manuel Valle in Starke. Hinds also demonstrated her courage by skydiving twice with the U.S. Army Golden Knights during their winter training in Homestead.

Recognition and Awards

Haley Hinds’ dedication to delivering exceptional news coverage has earned her recognition within the industry.

In 2013, she received the Best Individual Achievement Award from the Florida Associated Press Broadcasters for her outstanding work in covering hard news, breaking news, and feature stories.

This accolade highlights Hinds’ commitment to journalistic excellence and her ability to tackle a diverse range of topics with professionalism and skill.

Personal Interests and Activities – Pursuing Passions Beyond Journalism

When she’s not anchoring the news, Haley Hinds immerses herself in a variety of activities that bring her joy and fulfillment. Her competitive spirit shines through as she takes part in marathons, pushing her physical and mental limits.

Additionally, she finds solace in cooking, painting, and singing, allowing her creative side to flourish. Hinds also embraces the beauty of Florida’s waterways by exploring them on a stand-up paddleboard.

As a self-proclaimed pizza enthusiast, she enjoys sampling slices from different pizzerias, always on the lookout for the perfect pie. During Spring Training season, you’ll likely spot her at LECOM Park, savoring a hot dog while enjoying the baseball atmosphere.


Haley Hinds’ journey in broadcast journalism has taken her from her hometown of Pittsburgh to the sunny shores of Florida, where she has made a significant impact as a co-anchor for the FOX 13 evening newscasts.

With a passion for storytelling and a commitment to delivering accurate and compelling news, Hinds has become a trusted voice in the Tampa Bay area.

Outside of her professional endeavors, she finds fulfillment in pursuing her diverse interests and embracing the vibrant lifestyle Florida has to offer. Haley Hinds’ dedication, talent, and vibrant personality continue to make her a beloved figure in the world of journalism.

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