Georgie Stone Neighbours Salary per Episode and Notable Net Worth

Georgie Stone: Salary per Episode and Notable Net Worth

Georgie Stone, a talented actress known for her portrayal of Mackenzie Hargreaves on Neighbours, has achieved commendable financial success over the years.

With an estimated net worth of approximately $0.7 million, Georgie’s acting career has contributed significantly to her financial prosperity. Her salary per episode is $12,000, reflecting the value she brings to the show with her exceptional performances.

In the last scenes featuring Mackenzie Hargreaves, the character was depicted in a state of mourning following the recent death of her beloved husband, Hendrix Greyson.

photo of georgie stone as mackenzie hargreaves in neighbours
photo of georgie stone as mackenzie hargreaves in neighbours

Unfortunately, some planned storylines for Mackenzie’s future had to be canceled when Neighbours was axed in 2022. However, fans can now rest easy, as Georgie Stone has agreed to resume her role as a permanent cast member, bringing Mackenzie’s journey back to Ramsay Street.

Georgie recently expressed her excitement on Instagram, sharing with her followers, “Ramsay Street here we come… (again!) So excited to be coming back to Neighbours alongside these legends. Stay tuned!!!” This statement confirms Georgie’s genuine enthusiasm for reprising her role and her eagerness to be part of the Neighbours family once more.

As Georgie Stone returns to the iconic soap opera, viewers can anticipate more heartfelt and compelling performances, as she continues to breathe life into the character of Mackenzie Hargreaves. Her presence on the show contributes to its diversity and representation, making her an essential part of Neighbours’ continued success.

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