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Dylan Dreyer’s son: Russell James Age and Birthday, Family

Russell James Bio: The Son of Dylan Dreyer, NBC’s Prominent Meteorologist

Russell James is a well-known American celebrity child, recognized as the son of Dylan Dreyer, a renowned television meteorologist and anchor on Today’s 3rd Hour, working for NBC News.

Dreyer holds a prominent position as a weather correspondent on Today, frequently filling in for Al Roker and Carson Daly. She also makes appearances on The Weather Channel and NBC Nightly News, showcasing her expertise and knowledge in meteorology.

Russell James Age and Mother:

Russell James was born in the year 2021, bringing joy and happiness to his parents, Dylan Dreyer and Brian Fichera. Dylan Marie Dreyer, born on August 2, 1981, grew up in Manalapan Township, New Jersey.

She completed her high school education at Manalapan High School, where she actively participated in softball and graduated in 1999. Following her passion for meteorology, Dreyer pursued a bachelor’s degree in the field from Rutgers University in 2003.

During her college years, she gained valuable experience through a brief internship at WeatherWorks, a private consulting company located in Hackettstown, NJ.

Dylan Dreyer Career Journey:

Dylan Dreyer embarked on her meteorological career by working at various news stations across the United States. She started at WICU in Erie, Pennsylvania, honing her skills and establishing herself as a talented meteorologist. Later, she joined WJAR in Providence, Rhode Island, where she continued to excel in her profession.

Dreyer’s expertise eventually led her to the esteemed NBC News in September 2012, marking a significant milestone in her career. Prior to joining NBC, she had been associated with the now former NBC station, WHDH, located in Boston, Massachusetts since 2007.

Noteworthy Accomplishments:

Throughout her career, Dreyer has made significant contributions in the field of meteorology and television broadcasting. On February 9, 2013, while en route to cover a blizzard for Today, she was involved in a car crash that resulted in a mild concussion. However, Dreyer’s determination and dedication never wavered as she continued to deliver accurate and insightful weather reports to her viewers.

In addition to her meteorological responsibilities, Dreyer also hosts the educational nature program called “Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer.” This program is broadcast on NBC’s The More You Know block of programming, offering viewers an opportunity to explore and appreciate the wonders of the natural world.

Russell’s Father: Brian Fichera

Russell James is the beloved son of Dylan Dreyer and Brian Fichera. Brian Fichera is a talented cameraman and producer at NBC. Though he may be more known behind the scenes, Fichera’s skills contribute to the overall production value of the news broadcasts and shows where he is involved.


Russell James, the son of Dylan Dreyer and Brian Fichera, is a fortunate child born into a family deeply involved in the world of television broadcasting. His mother, Dylan Dreyer, has made a name for herself as a prominent meteorologist, showcasing her expertise on NBC News and other renowned platforms. As Russell grows older, he will likely witness and be inspired by his parents’ passion, hard work, and dedication to their respective careers.

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