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Davie Fogarty: A Serial Entrepreneur Making Waves in Ecommerce

Davie Fogarty is a renowned serial entrepreneur and the founder of The Oodie, a highly acclaimed company known for its oversized wearable blankets.

With a track record of success in the ecommerce industry, Davie has founded multiple thriving ventures, including Pupnaps, Calming Blankets, and The Australian Furniture Warehouse. Prior to his entrepreneurial journey, he gained experience in social media marketing, working with notable companies such as Aleenta Barre, The 5TH, and SkinnyMe Tea.

Early Life and Background:

Born on November 12, 1994, in Australia, Davie Fogarty developed a passion for entrepreneurship at a young age. His drive and ambition led him to embark on a path filled with innovative business ideas and ventures.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors:

1. Early Ventures:
Davie’s entrepreneurial journey began with an iPhone case business, where he learned valuable lessons about product development, marketing, and customer satisfaction. Although this venture did not yield the desired results, it served as a stepping stone for his future endeavors.

2. Personal Training and Seasoning Business:
Undeterred by initial setbacks, Davie tried his hand at personal training, leveraging his fitness knowledge and passion for health. While this venture showed promise, he eventually decided to explore other opportunities.

In his relentless pursuit of success, Davie ventured into the seasoning business, capitalizing on his love for culinary arts. Despite his best efforts, this business venture did not meet expectations, leading him to reconsider his strategy.

3. Vietnamese Roll Shop:
Continuing his entrepreneurial journey, Davie decided to enter the food industry by opening a Vietnamese roll shop. Although he encountered challenges, he gained valuable insights into the competitive nature of the hospitality sector.

The Oodie: A Game-Changer:

After a series of failed attempts, Davie Fogarty experienced a breakthrough when he launched The Oodie in 2018. The Oodie is an innovative and comfortable wearable blanket that quickly gained popularity among customers worldwide. The success of The Oodie propelled Davie to new heights, establishing him as a prominent figure in the ecommerce industry.

Business ‘Horror Story’ and Lessons Learned:

Despite his achievements, Davie encountered a significant setback that cost him $500,000. While selling weighted blankets, which are known for their stress-reducing properties, Davie faced unforeseen challenges that resulted in financial loss. This experience taught him valuable lessons about resilience, adaptability, and the importance of thorough market research.

Personal Life:

While much is known about Davie Fogarty’s professional endeavors, his personal life remains private. It is not publicly known whether he is married or not.

Net Worth and Oodie Valuation:

As of 2023, Davie Fogarty’s net worth is estimated to exceed $5 million. The Oodie, his flagship company, has grown into a multimillion-dollar business, attesting to its remarkable success and market demand.


Davie Fogarty’s journey from failed business attempts to becoming a serial entrepreneur exemplifies the tenacity and determination required to succeed in the ecommerce industry.

Through his innovative ventures, such as The Oodie, Davie has revolutionized the market, catering to customer needs and preferences. With his knack for identifying lucrative opportunities and a proven track record of success, Davie Fogarty continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

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