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Briseida Holguin Salary and Net Worth: Amplifying Voices and Covering Headlines

Briseida Holguin Bio, Salary and Net Worth

Briseida Holguin, a dedicated reporter, rejoined the KIRO news team in June 2022, bringing her expertise and passion for storytelling to the Evergreen state. With a salary of $88,800 and a net worth of $0.8 million, she has established herself as a valuable asset to the news industry.

Reporting Experience and Major Headlines

Briseida’s journalism journey began in Yakima, Washington, where she launched her on-air career as a bilingual reporter for NBC and Telemundo at KNDO/KNDU. This experience allowed her to connect with diverse communities and tell stories that resonated with viewers from different backgrounds.

She later expanded her reporting skills in Memphis, TN, working for WMC Action News 5. During her time there, Briseida covered a range of significant events, including the mass shooting at a Kroger grocery store in September 2021, where 13 people were injured. She demonstrated her commitment to journalism by providing accurate and timely coverage of this tragic incident.

Briseida also has experience reporting on natural disasters, such as wildfires, snowstorms, and tornadoes. Her ability to capture the impact of these events on affected communities showcases her dedication to storytelling and keeping the public informed.

Education and Professional Growth

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Briseida Holguin pursued her education at California State University Northridge. After earning her degree, she joined ABC7 in Los Angeles as a news assistant. Her talent and determination quickly earned her the role of traffic producer, where she played a vital role in delivering important traffic updates to viewers.

Amplifying the Voice of the Hispanic Community

As a Latina reporter, Briseida Holguin takes pride in using her fluency in Spanish to amplify the voice of the Hispanic community. She recognizes the importance of diverse perspectives in media and strives to provide inclusive coverage that resonates with viewers from all backgrounds.

Embracing the Pacific Northwest

Briseida Holguin is thrilled to be back in the Pacific Northwest, where she can once again enjoy the beauty of the ocean and mountains that surround the region. The PNW’s breathtaking landscapes provide a backdrop for her reporting and inspire her storytelling.

Briseida Holguin’s dedication to journalism, her experience covering major headlines, and her commitment to amplifying diverse voices make her an invaluable member of the KIRO news team. With her fluency in Spanish and her passion for storytelling, she bridges cultural gaps and ensures that a wide range of perspectives are represented in the news.

Briseida’s journey from Yakima to Memphis and back to the PNW showcases her versatility as a reporter and her ability to adapt to different communities and situations. As she continues her career, Briseida Holguin will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact through her impactful reporting, community engagement, and dedication to delivering news that matters.

  • Salary: $88,800
  • Net Worth: $0.8 million

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